What does demisexual mean? Top 5 Signs of demisexuality.

What does demisexual mean actually? It simply isn’t easy to define it in a sentence but can be described as a type of sexual orientation.

A person with demisexuality has to develop a deep emotional attachment with a person before s/he can feel sexually attracted to that person. Although developing a relationship is necessary before engaging in sexual activity, it does not mean that the person would feel sexually attracted.

Let’s find out what does demisexual mean and how it is like to be a demisexual.

What does demisexual mean?

Demisexuality is defined as a sexual orientation just like pansexuality. Demisexual people only experience sexual interest in someone after developing a deep emotional attachment with them. While a sapiosexual person looks for intelligence in their partner, a demisexual person looks for a close bond.

The prefix “demi” in demisexual literally means half. So, according to doctor Dan Brennan, demisexuality refers to being somewhere in between asexual or sexual.

What does demisexual mean

Demisexual people generally experience sexual attraction less frequently than the normal population. In fact, some people with demisexuality are hardly at all interested in having sex.

Irrespective of having an emotional connection with somebody, the majority of the ordinary people can experience sexual attraction.

They could experience sex attraction to new acquaintances or total strangers. They could find themselves drawn sexually to new acquaintances or total strangers. Demisexual individuals, however, are not initially attracted to one another in this way.

But this is not all about what does demisexual mean, there are many more things to know. In fact, what does demisexual mean has been a matter of debate for years.

There are other names for demisexuality:

Demisexuality is a sexual orientation that combines characteristics of both homosexuality and bisexuality. However, only “demisexuality” describes the condition in which one must sense a connection with another person before experiencing sexual desire.

Some people, though, might use words for other kinds of graysexuality to talk about demisexuality. So, in a search really know what does demisexual mean, we have found the other names for demisexuality.

  • Gray-A \Hyposexual \Semisexual
  • Weak sexual excitement
  • Asexual-ish
  • Sexual-ish

Demisexuality and demiromancy are similar but not the same. The people who think so have no idea about what does demisexual mean actually. People who are demiromantic can’t just have romantic feelings for anyone; they need to first develop an emotional bond.

Am I demisexual? Here are the signs to look for.

There are certain signs that clearly demonstrate what does demisexual mean actually. For instance, look doesn’t matter to you. Some of the most renowned sex therapists and psychologists have been trying to figure out how to identify these people accurately.

So, to know what does demisexual mean and how it feels, here are the top 5 signs to look for :

1. Look barely matters:

Albeit may not be the most significant factor in a relationship, appearances matter to most individuals on some level. As a matter of fact, many of us don’t even read profiles; we simply swipe right based on a visually appealing photo.

Demisexuals prefer connecting authentically with people who share their interests over anything else, and they are drawn to personalities over faces.

2. Your friendships are usually the foundation of your relationships.

Demisexuals frequently find themselves falling for their friends because they place such a high value on fully becoming familiar with a possible partner.

So, consequently, it’s possible that, if not all, most of your relationships begin as friendships.

3. Even if you like having sex, it’s not a big deal to you.

Contrary to popular belief, many demisexuals don’t place a great priority on having sex. They still love having sex, but it is far less important to them than, for example, having enlightening talks.

You may find yourself fantasizing about engaging in sexual activity with a particular individual, as some sex therapist explains, but you never do it in general.

4. You put a lot of weight on first dates.

A first date is an important milestone for everyone, but especially for a demisexual person. Demisexuals, in an effort to avoid wasting either party’s time or their own, may prefer to broach weighty subjects on the first date.

However, there is the possibility that this would turn out bad for you. In your eagerness to make a connection, you may find yourself worrying over every detail of your forthcoming encounter.

You approach the first date as though it were an interrogation, solely interested in learning as much as possible about the other person.

You think should only date someone if you are certain that you are attracted to them, which you can only do after dating them for a period. Otherwise, you risk hurting their feelings. It finally places you in an awkward situation.

5. People may have called you a “prude.”

It may be because you are demisexual if people have dubbed you “old-fashioned” or “prudish” about sex and dating.

Demisexuals typically aren’t looking for frequent sexual encounters and tend to be less interested in casual hookups.

Myths and Fallacies Regarding Demisexuality:

Demisexuality is not synonymous with prudishness or aversion to sexual activity. Demisexual persons essentially do not experience feelings of sexual desire when they meet new people.

In addition, demisexuality is not associated with any moral or religious perspective on sexuality. It is not a matter of personal preference but rather an inherent sexual inclination. So, if someone knows what does demisexual mean, he will never say such a thing.

Another urban legend holds that demisexuality is indicative of a lack of sexual drive. People who identify as demisexual have varying degrees of sexual desire once they are involved in a sexual relationship. It’s possible that some people don’t have sexual partners at all, while others do.

The frequency of a person’s sexual encounters has nothing to do with their demisexuality; all that matters is the kind of desire they experience.

Demisexual persons are often misunderstood and assumed to require romantic attachment in order to experience sexual desire. For many people, a strong friendship or another sort of non-romantic relationship can fulfill the need for connection that demisexuality necessitates.

You are not necessarily demisexual if you choose to only have sex with persons you have a close relationship with or have known for a long time. Demisexuality is a driving force behind the desire that precedes sexual interactions, not just a casual inclination.

So, it isn’t about knowing what does demisexual mean or some misconceptions about it, rather feeling yourself inwardly.

What if you are a demisexual person?

Now you know what does demisexual mean. So, you can figure it out yourself if you are demisexual. Always keep in mind that your sexual partners and inclinations are a private affair, and no one else’s view should matter more than your own.

It’s already challenging enough to figure out or understand your sexuality and navigate the dating scene without having to deal with people’s unwanted “advice.” Be genuine, and everything else will work out.

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