9 Most Useful Websites to Know Right Now!

Now we have almost 2 billion websites on the internet (as per Statista, there are more than 1.7 billion live websites out there on the internet). However, every website is noteworthy and serves a significant purpose. But, as a matter of fact, some are more useful, some, not that much. Some give knowledge, on the other hand, some give us services, utility and so on. Moreover, if you try a google search, you can get a lot of lists of popular and most useful websites. However, you will get the same exact websites over and over again.

So we tried to do something different and put together the 9 most useful websites of 2020, which are, well, technically, not that famous or as known as some of the big names out there. In other words, they are relatively less known, and most of them, I’m certain, you have never heard of. However, they serve unique purposes, useful for everyone, and you are going to love them for what they serve.

1. www.mathway.com


Having trouble doing math? No more worries. A great site for all, particularly for students. It solves algebra, calculus, and even, surprisingly, chemistry problems, too. Therefore, it is time to try out this website without any delay. In other words, it is really one of the most useful websites a student can ever find.

2. www.radio.garden


Want to listen to radio stations anywhere in the world? Then this site is for you. Make good use of it. You can listen to radio stations irrespective of place, or anywhere in the world. Try it out.

3. www.sleepyti.me


Are you waking up in the middle of a sleep cycle? Not being able to calculate the proper hours for you to sleep? Now your problem is solved, in a way, to some extent. This website will calculate the best times for you to fall asleep so that you do not wake up in the middle of sleep cycle.

4. www.noisli.com


This website stands out on the list of the most useful websites of 2020. Do you want to be fully attentive while studying? Then this is for you. It will help you concentrate in your study or work properly. This site generates background noise to help you while you study or work.

5. www.tosdr.org


Nowadays we have to go through the terms of service agreement’ of various sites. Specifically, if you want to buy or sell something, or subscribe, you need to read the terms of service first. Actually, want any kind of service, then go read the terms of service first. Frequently, the list of terms is way too big, but this site will solve the problem of reading that long list. It will quickly summarize the main points of what is in the terms of service for many websites.

6. www.localingual.com


This site offers a very interesting service. If you want to experience people’s voices from all over the world, then it’s time for you to visit this site. Listen to people’s voices from every corner of the world.

7. www.archive.org/web


On archive.org, you can find a lot of good stuffs like books, movies etc. Is the all? No. There is something worth of your time. If you want to find archived versions of websites from years ago, you can get it from this website. This awesome feature made us include this in our list of the most useful websites.

8. www.freecampsites.net


Name of this site tells everything. If you live on road, this could be very useful. And, yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. Just pay a visit. For all the adventure lovers out there, this is the one of the most useful websites ever.

9. www.myfridgefood.com

9 Most Useful Websites to Know Right Now!

Have nothing to eat? Or planning on a special recipe? Just check off what you have in your fridge and this site will spit out a bunch of recipes you can make. Isn’t it cool?

As you are searching for the most useful websites, we hope this article has been of some use to you.

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