What is AnyDesk software? And How it works?

AnyDesk is a closed source remote desktop software served by the AnyDesk Software GmbH. The ownership software program delivers platform free remote access to computers or desktops or other devices, files, and documents on any device run by the host application. For this reason, internet scammers often commence the program to access control of their victim’s devices over the internet. It provides remote control, access to the devices, file transfer, and VPN functionality.

AnyDesk has a built-in address book, includes tracks of connection/ contacts and access users to view online status for collaborators. In addition, it allows remote reboot, automated invoicing and billing, and session reporting through the solution’s administration tool.

International keyboard support, file transfer, lightweight encryption technology, and more are also features of AnyDesk.The product is attainable on a monthly subscription fee, and support is prolonged through phone, documentation, and email. 

In this age of revitalization, users want to connect seamlessly to everything; they want to take control of all their devices by one device simultaneously, shortly a master key for all devices.  They can do this effortlessly using AnyDesk software.

How does the AnyDesk app work?

  • A good question has come in front of users about how the AnyDesk app works? Check out below how it works:

At first, the users have to install the applications on both devices, the one they have in hand and the other they want to remotely access. Then, smartphone users can download the application from Android Playstore or the Apple App Store, whereas other devices users can visit anydesk.com to download the software.  

After downloading the application, the users will get a Personal ID for the devices after logging in; they can share it with someone to remotely access their device. If they want to access other devices remotely, they use the search bar followed by typing the particular device’s ID to access it. In addition, there are also other folders they can access in the AnyDesk software:

  • DISCOVERED: This is the place where the devices that have AnyDesk installed and a portion of the user’s devices are listed.
  • FAVORITES: Most-accessed devices are included here.
  • RECENT SESSIONS: Recently connected devices by users are listed here.

After that, a pop-up window will arrive in front of you Where you need to permit the remote user. You can decide the level of control you want to provide to the remote user through individual permissions. Relaying to the permissions, these are tools that the AnyDesk app offers:

  • Chat: The easiest method to communicate with the remote side through Anydesk
  • On-Screen Whiteboard: Provide arrows in multiple colors and draw sketches
  • Switch Sides: in the active session, it shows switch sides. 
  • Block User Input: To control the devices, this can block the user on the remote side.

Features of AnyDesk

Anydesk includes various functionalities, and it is all in one remote desktop application. The functionalities are as follows: 

Remote Access: AnyDesk includes an admin tool that provides users to do multiple tasks, for example, remote reboot, report analysis, session reporting, etc. The software also allows the users to solve any problem on the remote desktop. 

Communication with Contacts: It includes an address book function that stores contact details and lets users observe their online status. 

Easy File transfer: It allows the users to drag and drop the documents and files from the host to the client and vice-versa. 

Remote Hardware Access: Users can effortlessly access the hardware components of the remote device, for example, a CD/DVD reader or power button. 

Online Collaboration: It is used for online collaboration, such as conducting online meetings, presentations or working on a similar project from another location.

Built-in File Transfer: You can transfer files from one PC to Another PC via this software. Moreover, you can copy and paste the files to different devices. 

Lightweight: It is lightweight software; no Installation or administrative access needs for accessing it. You can easily download only the 3 Mb executable files and run them. 

Customization: It is a highly customizable tool. You are allowed to customize the user interface to ensure an intuitive remote desktop experience. 

AnyDesk Features
Some features of AnyDesk

Recording: You are allowed to record the screen. Both you and the service provider can record the session. However, it is a beneficial feature for training purposes.

Own Network: It doesn’t include cloud storage. However, for complete control of your data, you can create an enterprise network.

High Performance: It ensures high performance, fast data transmission, and low latency. To ensure the low lag on the high screen resolution devices, the software provides the DeskRT codec.

Secure & Trustworthy: As millions of users use AnyDesk worldwide, it ensures a secure connection from the first level of use. To ensure its security followed by protection from unlicensed access, it contains banking standard TLS 1.2 technology. Furthermore, by using the Enlarge telecommunication technology, the servers offer maximum reliability. 

Apart from the above features, it also ensures the following features:

  • Remote access for various platform 
  • Remote Print
  • Restricted access 
  • File transfer & Manager 
  • Auto-discovery
  • Whiteboard
  • VPN
  • Custom-Clients
  • Chatting option
  • Two-Factor Authentication 
  • Session protocol
  • Individual host-server

How to install AnyDesk Software

AnyDesk has a free version for personal use. However, you may require to purchase a paid version for business purposes.

Its free version includes enough features for use. But It’s paid version offers more features, including multiple devices connecting, concurrent sessions, etc.

You need to download the installer file to install AnyDesk. A single click can install it after downloading the file. Look at the picture:

AnyDesk Installation button

Run the executable file and simply click the install AnyDesk button. This process is almost identical for all the operating systems, including Windows, Linux, macOS, etc. To use it, simply click on the AnyDesk icon and open it. Then, the user interface of AnyDesk will be displayed.

How to Use AnyDesk

A remote access tool is not only helpful but also easy to use in professional works. It can control all the programs on all devices in our organization. So let’s know how to use it smoothly.

After installation or successful configurations in both devices, you can start your first session.

To start a session in AnyDesk, firstly open it. Then you will get a unique personal ID; it will work in the following ways:

Usually, it can be a 9 digit number. You need to enter the user’s ID in the Remote Desk option in the AnyDesk for connecting and controlling a system. It may look below:

You can also set an alias for a definite device for getting a connection. Now, you can request a connection to another device. Let’s be clear with the following steps:

Step 1: Open AnyDesk

For connecting two devices remotely, simply open it on both devices.

What is AnyDesk software? And How it works?

Step 2: Enter the ID & Request Connection

Now, put the system’s ID connected to other devices in the Remote Desk field, then click the Connection button. It will send a request to the other system for connection.

Step 3: Accept Connection Request

Now, tell your customer to accept the request by clicking on the accept button. It will give access to other systems. You can cancel this request through the Dismiss option.

After accepting the request, the other device will run with your PC. However, it may take a minute to connect the other users to your PC. 

How To Use AnyDesk’s Remote Desktop Features

As soon as the requesting session starts, the accept window pops up on the remote site. Though you are allowed to control remote devices, the remote user is the owner of the level of control that they will provide you through respective permissions on the accept window. Let imagine that the On-Screen Whiteboard can be disabled, and the file manager, clipboard, and mouse or keyboard of the remote side. 

Accept Wendow of ANyDesk
Accept window of AnyDesk.

Click the disconnect option on the remote site, close the tab, or close AnyDesk to end the connection. 

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