Modern Logo Fonts| The 10 Best Fonts and Their Uses.

When you want to make a modern logo, the font that you choose may undoubtedly create a big difference. 

If you are a man of clean and smart style in mind while designing your logo, to achieve that look the easiest approach to typography is needed. By selecting the right typography can assist to tell you.

Undoubtedly, all the iconic logo designers might accord that simple and minimalist style makes a logo memorable and timeless.

In addition to colors and shape, fonts are possibly the most significant component by which you may reveal your brand personality. As a result, modern bands are very observant and fastidious about the fonts they pick.

Most of the time it is seen that big bands used to prefer a bespoke font, if you have a startup, you don’t have to make your design from scratch.

There are thousands of fonts over there, but choosing the wrong font can be made into trouble. That’s why we have enlisted the 10 best fonts for modern logo design that are most notable and have come to game-changing roles. Before picking a logo font you must know about the types of logo and their uses.

How many fonts should you use in a logo?

For giving a smart and simplistic look you shouldn’t use over 2 or 3 different logo fonts in your logo design otherwise your logo will look worried and inconsistent. Moreover, the number of fonts also relies on the number of texts you are engaging in your logo. Always try to choose one font for your brand name and another for your tagline or brand description.

10 Best Modern Logo Fonts.

  1. Brandon Grotesque
  2. Helvetica® Now
  3. TT Norms Pro
  4. Proxima Nova
  5. FF DIN®
  6. Avenir® Next
  7. Cera Pro™
  8. Nexa™
  9. Mont™
  10. Gilroy™

1.Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque contains an outstanding look with a warm attribute. In 2009 it was designed by Hannes von Dohren, which is a sans serif type of family consisting of six weights plus with matching italics.

Brandon Grotesque is specially prepared for intricate, modern typography and you can make marvels while used for coincidental looking log design. This font is based on geometric forms that have been visually fixed for better legibility.

Look at here an example of Brandon Grotesque font by Mariusz Ciesla.

2. Helvetica® Now

Helvetica is possibly the most inclusive font, especially while it comes to branding. Now it is a genuine classic Swiss typeface that is redesigned for recent use. Every single symbol of Helvetica has been redesigned and remarked for simplicity, clarity, and neutrality.

Helvetica Now contains 48 styles from mild micro to extra black display along with italic. It is designed by Max Miedinger, Monotype Studio, and Charles Nix, Jan Hendrik Weber as well as published by Monotype.

From the NYC Subway system to corporate giants, there are several popular brands that use Helvetica New. Some of the brands are:

Modern Logo font-Helvetica Now,.

See here is a logo design of Helvetica Now by Oscar Blasco.

3. TT Norms Pro

TT Norms Pro contains 26 styles and its font family holds 24 OpenType features, 1392 glyphs in each font which can support over 216 languages.

It is taken into account as one of the bestselling sans after its release. This font is a mix of geometric sans serif outlook with classic type character proportions.

Modern Logo Fonts| The 10 Best Fonts and Their Uses.

TT Norms Pro is one of the inevitable universal fonts for a logo design which works uniformly well in large text layouts and in headlines.

Ivan Galdkikh, TypeType team is the designer of this font and published by TypeType.

Look here for a logo design of TT Norms Pro font by Vanderbrand.

4. Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova contains 144 weights and it is a family of famous Proxima Sans, released in 2005. It attaches a geometric outlook with modern proportions. Besides, the family extended from only 6 to as many as 48 full-future OpenType fonts. 

This immense well-known typeface is mostly stated as a hybrid of Akzidenz Grotesk and Futura. This font is a combination of geometric outlook with some humanistic proportions.

Some of the famous brands who use Proxima Nova in their logo design:

Proxima Nova logo font- Spotify, Bosch

This font is designed and revealed by Mark Simonson.

5. FF DIN®

Despite its primordial, technical outlook, the font shortly became a phenomenon, between 1995 to 2009 FF DIN was created.

Most of the logo designers or graphic designers said FF DIN is the best concentrated, technical font ever made. Undoubtedly this font has come to a new turning point especially for editorial posters, packaging, billboards, and signature and naturally for logo and branding.


Nowadays the typeface has extended not only in publication typography and the corporate sector but also it is viewed in posters for cultural organizations.

The first designer of this font was Albert-Jan Pool and published by FontFont.

See here an illustration of FF DIN font in logo design. 

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6. Avenir Next Pro

Avenir Next Pro is a new and updated classic feature so that its technical standards pass the grade quo.

Containing styles ranging from ultra-light to heavy, and it provides a coagulated outlook that competes with any other sans on the current market both in and off-screen readability.

The heavy weight helps to show fantastic display faces and holds the efficiency to pair well along with so many current serif body types. Here ‘future’ in French is the meaning of the word Avenir, but not like Futura, Avenir is not genuine. geometric.

Avenir Next Pro

This font helps to display clearness and offers a prudent and harmonious outlook for both texts and taglines.

The first designer of this font is Adrian Frutiger and Akira Kobayashi, published by Linotype.

Look at here a real example of Avenir Next font in logo design completed by Pavels Lavrinovics.

7. Cera Pro™

Cera Pro is a pan- European font led by pure geometry, offers 12 styles, six weights, and a family package option.

The font is created from the primary shape and ensures simplicity, gracefulness, along with a particular contemporary outlook. It comes with thin to black, providing a full limit of expression for corporate and interface design, in on-screen, print as well as different languages.

Cera Pro

While you use it for display typography, its sloped 10º italics gives a striking effect. 

Jakob Runge was the first designer of Cera Pro and Published by TypeMates.

See an example of Cera Pro font in logo design by Studio Risch.

8. Nexa™

Nowadays, Nexa is the most acceptable font of your time, containing 36 styles, 9 weights, and family package options.

Nexa was made especially for lovely clearness as well as readability for motion graphics, printing, web along with outstanding geometric logos.

In total, the rating of the family’s design is legible, genuine, and works excellently for the logo and its taglines.

Svetoslav, Plamen Motev, Stan Partalev, Nikolay Petroussenko, Mirela Belova, Ventsislav Dzhokov are the designer of Nexa font and published by Fontfabric.

Look at here an example of Nexa font in logo design by Studio Dumbar.

9. Mont™

Mont is a geometric sans serif type font, containing 22 styles, 10 weights, and a family packaging option.

It offers elaborated Latin, Greek, Cyrillic- over 130 languages at the same time. 

The balanced characteristic of Mont with singular details (pointed “t” or prominent x-height) not only makes it ideal for powerful headlines or prominent logos but also adjustable for long text.

Mont contains an extent of OpenType features- adding tabular figures, leading typographic features for example fractions, ligatures, superscript, subscript and etc.

This font’s typeface multipurpose characteristics and merits make it easy to defend any graphic design challenge, for example, logo, print, web, as well as motion graphics.

Look at here an example of Mono font used in city branding.

10. Gilroy™

At present, Gilroy is a very popular modern font in logo design, containing 20 styles as well as family package option.

Basically, this font is the little brother of the real Qanelas font family based on the geometric figure, squares, and circles. It was designed with strong OpenType forms in mind, which makes it suitable for modern graphic design. Moreover, it can simply adjust to your logo, print, taglines, web, along with editorial design.
On the other hand, the light and excessive bold weights are free of cost, so you may add them to your heart’s content in the logo.

Radomir Tinkov is a designer of the font Gilroy.

How to Choose the Right Font for Your Logo

Choosing the right logo font for your brand isn’t an easy task, especially if you are a beginner. Don’t worry, to help you and do it more brilliantly we have ready some tips from the professionals and our study. So, the following tips you should consider before choosing a font:

  • Choose simple fonts that are clear but smart in different sizes.
  • Try to eliminate trendy fonts, cause today or tomorrow they will be irrelevant
  • Choose not more than two fonts.
  • Try to make a custom font or choose a unique one that can express your brand identity easily.
  • Keep considering the types of your company name and also target your audience.
  • Follow your competitor’s font.


It is common that not everyone likes these modern fonts, but the majority of people like them. Literally, we like these modern fonts for fresh outlook and legibility. When you think of minimalism, the font should be a very simple and basic look. Apart from that, by choosing the right typeface you shall have the opportunity to make it unique and characteristics. 

If you think that we have missed your favorite modern logo font in this list, please let us know in the comment box.

Have you got any similarities to the 10 best modern logo fonts?

-Most of them are simple but well-designed and contain modern typography.

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