The 10 Types of Logos and How to Use Them

There is a saying that goes “a picture is worth more than a thousand words”, which signifies the importance of something visual. Yes, you can say a thousand-word to highlight your business/brand, but a single logo can represent your business or brand even without saying a word. But before you opt for making a logo for your business, you need a clear picture of the types of logos.

Actually, a logo creates positive associations between a company and the target audience, so for the lack of a right type of logo, you company may fail to fulfill its goals badly. So we can say, your company needs a logo that represent your business fully.

In this article, we will try to give you a brief yet comprehensive idea about different types of logos .

Different types of logos:

Sometimes you can identify the company just by seeing the logo since the name of a company has formed a logo. Some types of logos don’t contain any words. And sometimes, these two types together make an unique type of logo. Logos are divided into three types mostly. Then these three types are sub-divided into more different types of logos.

  1. Typographic Logos
  2. Imagery or Icon Logos
  3. Combined Logos (Typographic + Imagery)

Typographic Logo:

Typographic Logos prove how beautiful and attractive a logo can be even without using any images. You can easily highlight the text alike an image just by using the font, shape and color accurately. Typographic Logos are of two kinds:

  1. Letter / Lettermark or Monogram Logo: When the name of your company is big and you want to use the abbreviation of it to make a logo, then it is called letter / lettermark or monogram logo. NASA, BBC, CNN, HP, HBO and some others big names out there has letter / lettermark or monogram logos.

2.  Wordmark Logo: When, instead of using the abbreviation, the whole name of the company is typo graphed, it is becomes a  wordmark logo. These types of logos also contain letters only.

Who doesn’t know the logo of Google? Yes, it is a wordmark logo. Google, eBay, Coca-Cola, Visa and some other big brands has wordmark logos.

Google, eBay, Cocacola

✪ Imagery or Icon Logo:

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand-word. These types of logos don’t contain any letters or words. Imagery logos are of three kinds:

  1. Pictorial logo: These type logo is also called logo symbols. Usually, we mean the pictorial logos when we talk about logos, since it is the most common and used type of logo. These types of logos are icon, images or graphics based. Apple, Twitter, etc. has pictorial logos.
Apple, Twitter,

2. Abstract Logo: When something abstract or geomatics symbols are used to design a logo, then it is an abstract logo. This types of logos ahs no meanings. Google Drive, Nike, Pepsi etc. has abstract logos.

The 10 Types of Logos and How to Use Them

3. Mascot Logo: When you draw or illustrate a human or animal to make a logo, then it is called a mascot logo. KFC has mascot logo.

✪ Combined Logo: Sometimes you can make a special type of logo combining the typographic and imagery logos. Combined logos are of two kinds:

  1. Emblem logo: When you add a letter, crests or some picture like this to a symbol, then it becomes an emblem logo. This type of classic logo are used in schools, colleges and government institutions. For example, Harvard university and BMW have emblem logos.
Harvard, BMW

2. Combination Mark Logo: On this type of logo, a wordmark/lettermark is combined with an imagery or icon logo. Usually, typography is used in the left, right and background. Consequently, these types of logos become very attractive. Amazon, Samsung and Dove have combination mark logos.

Samsung, Dove, Amazon

How was the first logo ever?

How did they different types of logos developed over the years? You might have wondered for at least once that how the modern logos came into being or how the early versions of logos in the human history were. As far as we know the history of logo goes back to ancient family crests, symbolism and hieroglyphs. The earliest versions of logos developed in around 1300 AD (the Middle Ages), as pubs and shops used signage to represent what they did.

It is also said that the ancient Egyptians used a Hydrographic sign for the first time to signifies the ownership of something; from this point the journey of modern logo came into being. Although, evolving alongside mass printing, the first modern logo designs were created in the early 1900s. Gradually, we have seen the different types of logos to develop and evolve.

Global Statistics Concerning Logo Design:

Here is a global statistics concerning various types of logos:

AreaPercentage (%)
A Logo Boosts the identity of a brand80% more  [Source:]
Small businesses, themselves, design their logos90%  [Source:]
No names of the company in the logos of9% big and renowned brands [Source:]
Logos made using only 2 colors85% [Source:]
The most used color in the logosBlue [Source:]
Color attracts the subconscious mind60-90% more [Source:]
Colorful logos boost the brands identity by80% more [Source:]
Companies create logo on their on50% [Source: 99]
Something visual attract one in only400  milliseconds [Source:]
A logo takes place in memory only with5-7 impressions [Source:]
FedEx’s logo has own40+ awards [Source:]

The importance of a designing a logo that represents you brand is undeniably a lot. So know think about the purpose of your brand, take some time to research on then choose one from the different types of logos that actually represents your company.

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