Facebook Marketing: Promote Your Business

Just imagine

You can promote your product, service, or business to millions of people around the world staying home. Even it is possible to expand your business by promoting it to the desired customers in a very effective way.

No, these are not fantasies! Currently, social media marketing or digital marketing has made it possible. Moreover, Facebook marketing, the richest field of social media marketing, has added a new dimension to the business campaign.

Facebook Ads, Facebook for business

The opportunity to campaign in a community of about 150-250 crores people in such a simple, specific way and at such a low cost is somewhat unbelievable indeed. Nowadays, it feels like, without Facebook marketing, business promotion, and publicity remain incomplete.

Then let’s know the importance of Facebook marketing, different aspects, strategies, and benefits of it.

What is Facebook marketing?

Put Simply, Facebook marketing is the promotion or advertising of a business organization’s product or service on Facebook. For example, ‘A’ promotes the products and services of his business organization in the form of advertisements, widely, in the target market. Simply this is called Facebook Marketing.

Facebook Marketing can be done in two ways.  When you open a business page and run your own business campaign, it is organic or free Facebook marketing. On the other hand, if you spend money to advertise your product on Facebook, it is called Facebook paid marketing.

Some information about Facebook Marketing:

In 2006, Myspace was a big name in social networking. However, by 2008, Facebook had become the most used social network. Throughout the last decade, Facebook has become one of the largest social media marketplaces. Let’s know some interesting information about Facebook marketing.

FieldData (Number)
Number of business pages90 crores [Statusbrew]
Active AdvertisementsMore than 6 million [Statusbrew]
Ad impressions increased37% [David Wehner, Facebook CFO]
Cost reduced04% [David Wehner, Facebook CFO]
Engagement rate3.6% [Case study By Buffer]
Organic reach2.6% [Case study By Buffer]
Monthly ad clicks of an individual11 on average [A study By wordstream]
Shopping with ad clicks26% of people [Statusbrew]
Shopping from Facebook15% of people [Statusbrew]
Shopping influenced by Facebook ads43% of the population [Statusbrew]
The average cost of advertising decreased6% [Sproutsocial]

According to 95.8% marketers, the most effective social media market is Facebook. Besides, 94% of social media marketers do Facebook marketing.

Why does Facebook marketing necessary for business?

If it is said that, Facebook marketing is vital for business, it would not be too much. Whether it is organic or paid, the necessity of Facebook marketing for business:

  • To easily reach the target audience through a rich ad segment
  • To increase interaction between business organizations and buyers
  • Especially, to promote organically or at a very low cost in case of a small business or new business
  • To build brand awareness
  • Above all, Facebook is needed to survive in the race of business promotion and expansion
Facebook marketing success

What is Facebook paid marketing?

Facebook’s current algorithm has drastically reduced the level of organic reach. In this situation, if ‘A’, paying money, plans to advertise his products, service, or business, in a huge range, to in his desired area and desired individuals or individuals who may be interested in his product or service, then it will be Facebook paid marketing.

In this case, using Facebook’s advertising segments, considering different aspects (demographic, targeting options, etc.), the target or desired audience can be achieved in a very effective way. This special feature is very effective and no other social network in the world has such a feature.

Therefore, to promote your business properly on Facebook, you have to know about a few things very clearly., e.g., target audience, targeting option, Facebook algorithm, Facebook demographics, and other concerned techniques.

To know further about how to use Facebook to promote your business or how Facebook may outdo all of your other marketing strategies, read out the part 2 of facebook marketing.

The benefits of Facebook marketing:

Facebook marketing has become a reliable media day by day with unprecedented benefits in business promotion and expansion. So let us take a brief look at its benefits:

  • The campaign can be carried out on a large scale in a large community of 150-250 crores people (monthly).
  • Advertising can be a hundred percent effective through the target audience.
  • At any time the status of the ad can be checked, advertising can be turned off, new ads can be given.
  • It develops great Interactions between your organization and its customers.
  • There are opportunities to interact with other marketing media.
  • In the case of new businesses or small businesses, promotions can be made from personal accounts very easily.
  • It offers free or very low-cost campaigns.
  • Immense advantages of brand awareness or business expansion.

How to do Facebook marketing?

First of all, it all starts with a business page. Therefore, after opening a business page, you have to make it suitable for business first. It is not enough to update regularly or have a good reach, you have to pay attention to the page settings, profile and cover photos. Then you have to decide for the next steps.

Facebook Marketing

If there are not enough resources, a fan base can be built organically. Now the algorithm of Facebook has changed a lot. Therefore, it is true that it is not possible to reach too many people organically. So for any businesses, big or small, you need to do Facebook paid page marketing to expect good results.

You can do paid marketing yourself. In that case, you need to have skills about marketing strategy. As opposed to, you can also do this with the help of Facebook marketing expert by paying an additional fee. Currently the impact of paid marketing is very high, and naturally very effective.

Things to know before you do Facebook marketing:

You cannot expect your business to grow only after penning a Facebook page. If you want to do Facebook marketing effectively, you have to know a few things concerning Facebook marketing thoroughly. You will need some technical knowledge as well. You need to know:

  • You need to know how to creak a page and optimize its settings effectively and the effective ways to represent business through the page.
  • You have to learn about the current Facebook algorithm.
  • You have to learn about the Facebook open graph system or techniques to represent your contents.
  • You have to learn and utilize the importance of Facebook pixel.
  • You need to know the significance and accurate use of targeting options and demographics options of the advertisement segments.
  • You need to know the 80-20 rule or one-third rule of content mixing in social media.
  • Besides, you need to know about some other features like post timing, reach, and analysis.

An in-depth view of target audience:

The people whom you want to show your add are called the targeted audiences. Usually a certain area or certain characteristics, e.g., Income, interest, education, behavior, etc. play a key role in determining the target audience or target market. The Facebook advertisement section has a wide range of targeting and demographics options. Let us know about the top and most used targeting options:

Facebook Marketing: Promote Your Business


All the data (Age, incomes, sex, and characteristics like these) connected with the population is characterized as demographics. Put simply, demographics options are used to set the target audience considering people of which sex, age, income, or relationship status can be interested in the products or services of a business. For example, If “A” owns a business of toys and stuff like that for kids, s/he will definitely target that married people.


You can just create a target market based on country, city, town, local areas and even using the ZIP codes.


You have to decide what kind of people may be interested in your products or service. For example, when “A” own a books store, s/he will definitely target the people that liked or followed various publications and writers.


Here you have to use the Facebook pixel feature to track the potentials customers. For example, people who have recently checked the price of products or subscribed in his blog. It is a very effective targeting option.

 Actually, the success of Facebook marketing depends on determining the current target market.

Tips and tricks for Facebook marketing:

There are some tips and tricks that you must know before you expect a successful campaign:

The 80-20 rule of Facebook marketing
  • It is important to maintain such an outlook of your page that will win the first impressions and attract people easily. You have to optimize the page settings and set high-quality images of accurate size as the profile photo (LOGO) and cover photo of the page.
  • You have to be regular in posting, commenting, or updating your business.
  • You have research on the audience extensively; it is unwise to target a huge audience without proper research. Just use the targeting options and set the target market.
  • You have to modify and fix the post timing after analyzing the post reach, audience response.
  • You will need a content calendar and content mixing technique. You can adopt any of the following techniques to earn the faith of the customers and build brand awareness.
    • The 80-20 rule: Here 80% of the contents will be educative, informative, and entertaining.
    • The One-Third Rule: Here total contents will be divided into three sections; Entertaining contents, contents to enhance interactions, and contents to promote the business.
  • It is important to answer all the message sand respond to all the reviews and comments. Do it as fast as humanly possible. You can also create poll and value your customers’ consent.
  • You have to use other tools of Facebook like Facebook group, Chabot or Facebook business manager.


Very soon, there will be a time when everyone uses Facebook. Currently, every day 0.5 million new Facebook accounts are created daily.  Side by side, a lot of business pages are created daily; a lot of brands also. Moreover, when it comes to a small business, Facebook marketing is the most effective medium to promote it. It is less costly and most effective concerning the target audience.  

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