Free Stock Photos: 9 most useful websites

If you are a website owner or a blogger then you can understand how important the free stock photos are for your everyday use. In addition to
blogs, you need a high-quality image for your social profile, making wallpaper, giving presentations, or for various purposes.

Naturally, human brains can process images 60,000 times quicker than text, always good photos are important for creating attention and giving your message across the world. But what will you do if you don’t have enough visual ingredients? Don’t worry, you have to look for the free stock photos websites.

Many people mistakenly search on Google and download an image and use it on their website or on their own online platform but this is a fatal
mistake. Because there is a thing called copyright law. Also, high-quality images are not always available on Google. This is where the websites for downloading free stock photos come into play.

Free stock photos and are the most popular paid stock photo sites. You can take photos of these sites virtually but at a high price. Luckily, there are many alternatives options you have which are free stock photos from multiple websites without copyright restriction. Here is a list of the best 9 free stock photos sites update for 2020. There are a lot of photo collections on these sites and you can use these pictures for various purposes maintaining high quality and, in some cases, required size without any hassle of copyright.


Unsplash is a very popular free stock photo download site. Today -millions of users from the whole world have downloaded more than 2 billion Unsplash photos to make artwork, presentations, website design wallpaper, mockups, and more. New pictures are added to this site regularly. In addition, if you want, you can keep a regular track of the images which you have downloaded by creating an account on this site.

Unsplash, a very popular website for free stock photos.

On this site, you will find pictures of different categories. However, the chances of getting unique pictures here are very low because many people like you are always downloading pictures from this site and using it for their own work.


Pixabay is a very popular website for copyright-free images containing 1.8 million photos. Here you will find thousands of pictures. You can find the picture that you want by searching in the search box. Here you will also find Illustration, vector graphics, and even video footage for free.

Pixabay is another very popular site for finding free stock photos, videos, illustration and vector graphics.

Here you will find pictures of all the categories you can think of. There is also a unique camera search option. Through which you can explore the image.

3. Pixels

On this site you will easily find many high-resolution free stock photos, there are thousands of images. You can use the pictures downloaded from this site without any fear. Many talented photographers from all over the world regularly upload pictures here, which are completely free. They have a large image library from which you can find all the pictures of your work.

Pixels, a more useable site  for getting free stocks photos and videos shared by talented creators.

From this site, you can use photos for blogs, content, design, and wallpaper as a desktop. On this site, you will also find many video clips


This is a free stock photo download site of the e-commerce platform Shopify. From here you will get really high-quality images. Here you will
find many tech-related pictures.

A excellent free stock photos site especially for Shopify.

They also have a mail subs option, so if a new image is added to the site, you will be notified if you are on their mail list.


This is a great site. Here you will find different types of pictures that you can use according to your needs.

StockSnap is another very essential free stock photo site.

This will be very helpful for those who design social media posts here.


If you want to get a Unique R Masterpiece Collection for free then this site is best for you. One of the features of this site is that you can download all the pictures of their site in the form of a package with one click, although it is not a premium feature.

Beautiful free stock photos site especially to get a Unique R Masterpiece collection.

However, the most annoying thing about the site is ads.


This site is for those who are looking for high-quality free stock photos. The site will always get high-quality images. You can sign up for this site to get new pictures. Then the new picture will actually let you know that.

Isorepublic is another fantastic site for thousands of free high- resolution photos and videos.

The fresh collection of this site will fascinate you.


Not all images on this site are included in the public domain image, there is a separate extension collection for free stock photos. When searching, make sure that the level for reuse is written. If so, the image is copyright

Flicker has a separate pretty collection of free stock photos.

Here you will find pictures of your niche topics and categories.


The most unique feature of this site is that more related images of the photoshoot are uploaded here. As a result, you will get many similar type
pictures along with your favorite pictures. Another great feature is that you can search for images by color metaphor. This will be of great benefit to the designers.

A industry of similar types copyright free photos.

There is no user account on this site, which is very frustrating.

Warning! If you see that there are some watermarks like iStock watermark in these free stock websites, keep in mind these are not free to use. These watermark images are paid but you will get a discount if you buy them on
these sites.

What about usage rights on free stock photos?

All of these photos are free from copyright restrictions or have a Creative Common Zero (CC0) license which indicates that you can copy, download, distribute or modify- even for commercial uses without requiring permission from the photo or website owner.

Hopefully, you have known clearly about the most 9 useful websites for free stock photos and using purposes as well. By using these free stock photos, you will be able to make your site more attractive than before and prepare a good collection of your favorite photos which may be needed in your future uses.

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