35 Winter Words That Starts With The Letter D

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Winter Words That Start With D

The followings are the winter words that begin with the letter D (In alphabetical order):

1. Dainty:

Delicate and beautiful, dainty refers to something small and exquisite. In winter, dainty can be used to describe the delicate snowflakes that gently fall from the sky, adorning the landscape with their intricate patterns.

2. Damp:

Winter often brings dampness, characterized by moisture in the air and a feeling of slight wetness. This can be experienced in the form of damp ground or a damp chill in the air.

3. Dark:

Winter nights are longer, and darkness prevails for a significant portion of the day. The absence of daylight during the winter season creates a serene and mysterious atmosphere.

4. Darling:

In the context of winter, darling signifies endearment and affection. It represents the warmth and love shared with loved ones during the cozy winter months.

5. Darling Buds:

“Darling buds” refers to the buds or small flowers that bloom during the winter season. These resilient blooms add a touch of beauty and hope amidst the cold and dormant surroundings.

6. Dashing:

Dashing signifies excitement, liveliness, and elegance. In the winter context, dashing can describe the thrill and exhilaration of engaging in winter sports or activities like skiing or snowboarding.

7. December:

The twelfth and final month of the year, December marks the heart of winter. It brings with it a sense of anticipation and festivity as people prepare for holidays and the transition into a new year.

8. December Holidays:

December is renowned for its holidays, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve. These joyous celebrations bring people together, fostering a sense of unity and merriment during the winter season.

9. December Snow:

December often brings the first snowfall of the winter season. The arrival of snow blankets the world in a pristine white, enchanting landscape and evoking a sense of wonder and joy.

10. Deer:

Deer are commonly associated with winter, particularly in snowy regions. These graceful animals can be spotted amidst the winter scenery, adding a touch of natural beauty to the season.

11. Delectable:

Winter is a time for indulging in delicious and comforting treats. Delectable refers to food or drinks that are highly enjoyable and appetizing, such as hot chocolate, warm apple pie, or roasted chestnuts.

12. Delightful:

Delightful encompasses the simple pleasures and joys of winter. It describes anything that brings happiness, whether it’s the warmth of a crackling fireplace, the sight of falling snow, or the sound of laughter during winter festivities.

13. Den:

Den typically refers to a shelter or resting place for animals. In the winter, animals seek refuge in their dens to stay warm and protected from the elements.

14. Denim:

Denim is a sturdy fabric often associated with winter fashion. Denim jackets or jeans provide both style and insulation, keeping individuals warm during chilly weather.

15. Depressing:

While winter can be a beautiful season, it can also evoke feelings of sadness or melancholy for some individuals. Depressing describes the sense of gloominess or low spirits that may be associated with the cold and dark winter months.

16. Diamond:

Diamonds are precious gemstones that can be associated with the winter season. The word diamond can be used metaphorically to describe the glistening and sparkling qualities of ice or snow.

17. Dire:

Dire conveys a sense of urgency or seriousness. In the winter context, dire may be used to describe harsh weather conditions or challenging circumstances associated with the season.

18. Dog Sled:

A dog sled is a traditional mode of transportation in colder regions. It consists of a sled or sleigh pulled by a team of dogs and is often used for transportation or recreational purposes in snowy areas.

19. Dove:

Doves are symbolic birds associated with peace and tranquility. In winter, doves may be seen in snowy landscapes, adding a touch of serenity to the winter scenery.

20. Down Coat:

A down coat is a type of winter jacket or coat filled with down feathers, known for their excellent insulation properties. Down coats provide warmth and comfort during cold winter days.

21. Downhill:

Downhill refers to the downward direction or slope. In winter, downhill can be associated with skiing or sledding, where individuals slide or glide down snowy slopes for recreational purposes.

22. Downhill Skiing:

Downhill skiing is a popular winter sport where individuals ski down slopes or mountains covered in snow. It combines the thrill of speed and the beauty of snowy landscapes.

23. Drafty:

Drafty describes an area or space where cold air enters, often creating a chilly or uncomfortable environment. Drafty conditions are commonly experienced in older buildings or poorly insulated spaces during the winter months.

24. Drape:

A drape refers to a piece of fabric or cloth that hangs loosely or covers something. In winter, drapes can be used to insulate windows or doors, helping to keep the cold air out and the warm air in.

25. Dreamy:

Dreamy encompasses the whimsical and enchanting qualities associated with winter. It describes a sense of wonder and imagination inspired by the beauty of snowy landscapes, twinkling stars, and cozy moments.

26. Dreary:

Dreary signifies a sense of dullness or bleakness. It can be used to describe winter days characterized by overcast skies, cold temperatures, and a lack of vibrant colors in the surroundings.

27. Dreidel:

A dreidel is a traditional spinning top used in the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. It is associated with winter celebrations and is often played as part of the festivities.

28. Drift:

Drift refers to a pile or mound of snow formed by the wind. Winter winds can blow snow into drifts, creating unique and sculptural formations that add to the beauty of the winter landscape.

29. Drizzle:

Drizzle is a light, fine rain that falls in small droplets. In winter, drizzle can be associated with freezing rain, which can create a thin layer of ice on surfaces, making them slippery.

30. Dry:

Dry refers to the absence of moisture or humidity. In winter, dry air is common, and it can cause dry skin, static electricity, and other effects that require extra moisture and hydration.

31. Dulcet:

Dulcet signifies something sweet, soothing, or melodious. In the winter season, dulcet can be used to describe the soft sound of falling snow or the gentle tinkling of holiday music.

32. Dunes:

Dunes are mounds or hills of sand typically found in coastal areas or deserts. In winter, dunes can become covered in snow, creating a contrasting and visually striking landscape.

33. Duskiness:

Duskiness describes the quality of being dim or shadowy. In winter, duskiness can refer to the early onset of darkness as the sun sets earlier, casting long shadows and creating a cozy ambiance.

34. Dusting:

Dusting refers to a light coating or layer of something. In winter, dusting commonly refers to a light covering of snow on surfaces, trees, or the ground, creating a picturesque winter scene.

35. Duvet:

A duvet is a thick, quilted blanket or comforter typically filled with down or synthetic fibers. It provides warmth and comfort during winter nights, ensuring a cozy and restful sleep.

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