155 Superheroes That Start With The Letter M

Have you ever wondered about the incredible world of superheroes whose names begin with the letter M? Wonder no more, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will unveil some of the most iconic superheroes whose names start with M, delving into their origins and the incredible feats that make them stand out in the superhero pantheon.

So, without any further delay, buckle up and let’s begin this exhilarating ride into the realm of superheroes that start with the letter M.

Superheroes That Start With The Letter M

The followings are some of the most famous Superheroes that begin with the letter M (In alphabetical order):

1. Ma Gnucci: Ma Gnucci, also known as the “Ma G,” is a notorious crime boss and a formidable enemy of The Punisher. With her cunning intellect and brutal nature, she commands a criminal empire, determined to eliminate her adversaries at any cost.

2. Machete: A skilled swordsman and martial artist, Machete is a fierce combatant who has faced off against various superheroes and supervillains. His loyalty and sense of honor make him a complex and intriguing character.

3. Machine Man: Also known as X-51 or Aaron Stack, Machine Man is an android with a human-like personality. Originally created for military purposes, he develops sentience and seeks to understand what it means to be human while fighting alongside the Avengers.

4. Machine Teen: Adam Aaronson, known as Machine Teen, is a teenage android with superhuman abilities. Struggling to find his place in the world, he juggles his heroic duties with the typical challenges of adolescence.

5. Machine Smith: An AI with a talent for espionage, Machine Smith is a formidable enemy of heroes like Captain America and Iron Fist. He possesses advanced technology and can manipulate robotic armies, making him a constant threat.

6. Mach-VI: Michael Davis, known as Mach-VI, is a skilled pilot and engineer who assumes the persona of the Beetle. Wearing advanced battle armor, he has clashed with various superheroes and even joined the Thunderbolts.

7. Mad Dog: Mad Dog, or Buzz Baxter, possesses frenetic energy and agility, making him a valuable member of the Young All-Stars during World War II.

8. Mad Thinker: The Mad Thinker is one of the most intelligent and calculating villains in the Marvel universe. Armed with his brilliant mind, he devises intricate schemes and creates advanced machines to challenge heroes like the Fantastic Four.

9. Madam Masque: Whitney Frost, known as Madam Masque, is a complex character with ties to both heroism and villainy. Wearing an iconic golden mask, she has clashed with Iron Man and other Marvel heroes while wrestling with her own identity.

10. Madame Hydra: Also known as Viper, Madame Hydra is a dangerous terrorist and the leader of the sinister organization Hydra. Her cunning strategies, martial arts prowess, and unyielding loyalty to the cause of evil make her a formidable adversary.

11. Madame Menace: Madame Menace, or Menace, is a villainous character in Spider-Man comics, known for her aerial acrobatics and use of glider technology.

12. Madame Sanctity: Hailing from an alternate universe, Madame Sanctity is a powerful sorceress and an ally to Captain Britain and the Excalibur team.

13. Madame Web: Madame Web, also known as Cassandra Webb, possesses precognitive powers and serves as a spiritual guide and mentor to various Spider-Man incarnations.

14. Madcap: The Deadpool villain Madcap possesses an unusual ability to regenerate from any injury and induce uncontrollable laughter in those around him, even in the direst situations.

15. Madman: Frank Einstein, known as Madman, is a unique character with memories from a past life and a quirky personality. He possesses superhuman agility and an assortment of bizarre abilities.

16. Maelstrom: A powerful and enigmatic cosmic character, Maelstrom seeks to manipulate and harness the forces of the universe for his own destructive purposes.

17. Maestro: In a dark future, the Maestro is an older and malevolent version of the Hulk, ruling with an iron fist and an insatiable thirst for power.

18. Maggot: Japheth, known as Maggot, is an X-Men character with the ability to produce and control two large, intelligent maggots that live inside his body. These maggots grant him enhanced strength and durability.

19. Magician: A member of the Spaceknights in the Marvel universe, Magician wields powerful energy-based abilities and joins the fight against cosmic threats.

20. Magik: Illyana Rasputin, also known as Magik, is a mutant with sorcery powers and the ability to teleport. As the sister of Colossus, she is a key figure in the X-Men mythology.

21. Magique: An extraterrestrial character in the Marvel universe, Magique possesses the power of teleportation and is a part of the Starjammers team.

22. Magma: Amara Aquilla, known as Magma, has the power to control volcanic forces and manipulate lava. As a member of the New Mutants, she showcases her abilities in combat and adventure.

23. Magneto: A legendary figure in the Marvel universe, Magneto is a powerful mutant with the ability to control magnetic fields. As a complex character, he has fought for both mutant supremacy and the protection of mutantkind.

24. Magnir: As an inhabitant of the planet Zenn-La, Magnir possesses abilities similar to the Silver Surfer, including cosmic power and enhanced physical attributes.

25. Magnus: Magnus is an AI with advanced knowledge and technology and has been a supporting character in the X-Men comics.

26. Maha Yogi: The Maha Yogi, a villain in the Marvel universe, has vast mental powers, including telepathy and telekinesis, making him a formidable adversary.

27. Major Liberty: An iconic character in the Invaders comics, Major Liberty is a patriotic hero fighting during World War II, inspiring others with her bravery and resilience.

28. Makkari: Makkari, a member of the Eternals, possesses superhuman speed and agility, making him one of the fastest characters in the Marvel universe.

29. Malekith: The ruler of the Dark Elves, Malekith, is a recurring antagonist in the Thor comics and has brought chaos to Asgard on several occasions.

30. Malice: Malice is a shape-shifting being that has taken many forms throughout the Marvel universe, serving as both a hero and a villain.

31. Mammomax: A mutant with an elephant-like appearance and enhanced strength, Mammomax has been involved in the mutant struggle for survival.

32. Man Mountain Marko: Also known as the Rhino, Man Mountain Marko is a formidable villain with a super-strong, rhinoceros-like exoskeleton that grants him tremendous power.

33. Man-Ape: M’Baku, known as Man-Ape, is a Wakandan warrior and adversary of the Black Panther. He gains superhuman strength and agility from a mystical White Gorilla cult.

34. Man-Beast: A recurring foe of Thor, Man-Beast is a powerful sorcerer with telepathic abilities and the power to manipulate others.

35. Manbot: Manbot, or Bernie Lachenay, is a mutant with cybernetic enhancements and a member of the X-Corporation.

36. Man-Bull: William Taurens, known as Man-Bull, is a superhumanly strong and durable character with the appearance of a minotaur.

37. Mandarin: The Mandarin is one of Iron Man’s most notorious adversaries, wielding ten power rings that grant him various abilities.

38. Mandrill: As a mutant with mind-controlling pheromones, Mandrill is a recurring villain in the Marvel universe.

39. Man-Elephant: A circus performer named Maxwell Markham, Man-Elephant, possesses superhuman strength and durability, akin to an elephant.

40. Mangler: Mangler, or Alexander Gentry, is a mutant character with the ability to create and manipulate metal.

41. Mangog: Mangog is an immensely powerful creature fueled by the collective hatred of a slain alien race, posing a significant threat to Asgard and its gods.

42. Manifold: Eden Fesi, known as Manifold, is an Inhuman with the power to manipulate multidimensional portals, making him a valuable asset to various superhero teams.

43. Manikin: Whitman Knapp, known as Manikin, is a superhero with the ability to access different points in his own timeline, gaining unique powers from his past and future selves.

44. Man-Killer: The Man-Killer, or Katrina Luisa Van Horn, is an adversary of Spider-Woman and possesses enhanced strength, agility, and combat skills.

45. Manphibian: Manphibian, or Tana Nile, is an extraterrestrial character with amphibious traits, such as enhanced swimming and regenerative abilities.

46. Manslaughter: Rolf Mueller, known as Manslaughter, possesses superhuman strength and durability, using his powers for both heroic and villainous pursuits.

47. Man-Spider: In an alternate universe, Peter Parker transforms into the monstrous Man-Spider, retaining his intellect and memories but losing control of his instincts.

48. Manta: Manta, or Edward Lavell, is a mutant character capable of flying and generating energy blasts.

49. Man-Thing: Man-Thing is a swamp-based creature with unique powers, such as generating fear in those who experience it.

50. Mantis: A skilled martial artist and telepath, Mantis is an important member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, contributing her abilities to protect the galaxy.

51. Marauders: The Marauders are a group of mercenaries and assassins in the Marvel universe, serving various villains and causing chaos for heroes.

52. Mark Raxton: Also known as Molten Man, Mark Raxton possesses powers resulting from an accident, allowing him to generate and control molten metal.

53. Marlene Alraune: Marlene Alraune is a supporting character in the Moon Knight comics, providing emotional support to the titular hero.

54. Marrow: Sarah, known as Marrow, is a mutant character with the unique ability to generate bone spikes from her body, using them as weapons.

55. Martyr: A cosmic entity and a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Martyr is a powerful figure with immense energy manipulation abilities.

56. Marvel Boy: Marvel Boy, or Noh-Varr, is a Kree warrior with superhuman abilities, including strength, speed, and energy manipulation.

57. Marvel Girl: A founding member of the X-Men, Marvel Girl, or Jean Grey, possesses powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities.

58. Mary Jane Watson: Mary Jane Watson is a key figure in the Spider-Man comics, known for her fiery personality and her relationship with Peter Parker.

59. Mary Parker: Mary Parker is the mother of Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man, and her legacy is a significant part of the hero’s story.

60. Masked Marauder: An adversary of Daredevil, the Masked Marauder is a crime boss known for wearing a high-tech battle suit.

61. Masked Raider: The Masked Raider is a Western character from the Marvel universe, fighting injustice during the Old West era.

62. Masque: Masque, or Marrow, is a mutant character known for her ability to alter her appearance and others’ appearances.

63. Mass Master: A member of the Power Pack, Jack Power, known as Mass Master, possesses the power to increase his mass and strength.

64. Massacre: As a relentless and brutal assassin, Massacre is a nemesis of Deadpool, embodying pure violence and chaos.

65. Master Hate: Master Hate is an abstract entity representing the concept of hatred in the Marvel universe.

66. Master Izo: Master Izo is a wise and skilled martial artist, mentor to Daredevil, and an important figure in the Hand’s history.

67. Master Khan: Master Khan, or Khan, is a powerful sorcerer and an adversary of Iron Fist and Doctor Strange.

68. Master Menace: Also known as Dr. Emil Burbank, Master Menace is a criminal genius and recurring foe of Captain America.

69. Master Mold: Master Mold is a gigantic Sentinel robot responsible for creating other Sentinels, posing a constant threat to mutants.

70. Master Pandemonium: A supernatural villain in the Marvel universe, Master Pandemonium seeks to gain power by collecting the souls of others.

71. Mastermind: Mastermind, or Jason Wyngarde, is a mutant with illusion-casting abilities, having played a significant role in many X-Men storylines.

72. Mastermind Excello: In an alternate universe, Zebediah Killgrave, known as Mastermind Excello, possesses psychic powers, telepathy, and telekinesis.

73. Matador: Manuel Eloganto, known as Matador, is a skilled bullfighter who turns to a life of crime and becomes an adversary of Daredevil.

74. Match: Match, or Benjamin Hammil, is a mutant character with pyrokinetic abilities similar to those of Pyro.

75. Mauler: As a group of armored mercenaries, the Maulers have clashed with various heroes and pose a significant threat in their heavily armored suits.

76. Maverick: Maverick, or Christoph Nord, is a former operative of the Weapon X program, possessing enhanced physical abilities and exceptional combat skills.

77. Max Modell: Max Modell is a supporting character in Spider-Man comics, known for his intelligence and leadership as head of Horizon Labs.

78. Maxam: Maxam, or Shattershot, is a time-traveling hero with unique abilities and a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

79. Maximus: Maximus, the brother of Black Bolt and Medusa, is a powerful Inhuman with mental manipulation abilities and a desire for power.

80. May Parker: May Parker, also known as Mayday Parker or Spider-Girl, is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, continuing the legacy of Spider-Man in an alternate future.

81. Mayhem: As a villain in the Spider-Man comics, Mayhem has an amorphous body and the ability to absorb and replicate superpowers.

82. Medusa: Medusa is a member of the Inhuman royal family and possesses prehensile hair that she can manipulate as a weapon.

83. Mega Man: In the Mega Man comics, Mega Man is a heroic robot with the ability to absorb the powers of defeated enemies.

84. Megan McLaren: Megan McLaren is a supporting character in the X-Men comics, serving as a love interest to Nightcrawler.

85. Megatak: A villain in the Marvel universe, Megatak possesses energy-manipulating abilities, which he uses for criminal purposes.

86. Megatron: In the Transformers comics, Megatron is the ruthless and powerful leader of the Decepticons, determined to conquer and rule.

87. Meggan: Meggan is a metamorph with the ability to transform into various shapes and beings, an important member of Excalibur.

88. Melinda May: Melinda May, known as the Cavalry, is a skilled agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. with expertise in combat and espionage.

89. Melter: Bruno Horgan, known as Melter, possesses a weapon that can melt various substances, using it for criminal activities.

90. Menace: As a recurring foe of Spider-Man, Menace wears a Goblin-themed suit and utilizes advanced technology for his criminal schemes.

91. Mentallo: As a mutant character, Mentallo has telepathic abilities and often serves as a henchman for various supervillains.

92. Mentor: A member of the Eternals and an influential figure in their history, Mentor is an important character in cosmic Marvel stories.

93. Mephisto: Mephisto is a demonic entity and one of Marvel’s most powerful and malevolent villains, known for striking deals with superheroes and altering reality.

94. Mercer: Also known as Battleaxe, Mercer is a mercenary character with enhanced strength, durability, and the ability to generate energy blasts.

95. Mercury: Cessily Kincaid, known as Mercury, is a mutant character with the power to transform her body into a non-toxic liquid metal.

96. Mercy: As a member of the Pantheon, Mercy possesses superhuman strength and agility, using her abilities to assist and protect others.

97. Merlin: Merlin is a legendary sorcerer in the Marvel universe, with powerful magical abilities and a significant influence on British mythology.

98. Mesmero: Mesmero is a mutant character with hypnotic and mind-controlling abilities, often serving as an adversary of the X-Men.

99. Metal Master: Metal Master, or Molyb, is a villain in the Marvel universe with the ability to control and manipulate metal.

100. Metalhead: Metalhead is a member of the group known as the Wrecking Crew, wielding a magical crowbar that grants him the ability to absorb metal and become superhumanly strong.

101. Meteorite: Valerie Barnhardt, known as Meteorite, possesses a special suit granting her enhanced physical abilities and flight.

102. Mettle: Also known as Ken Mack, Mettle is a member of the Avengers Academy and possesses superhuman strength and invulnerability.

103. Michelle Jones-Watson: Michelle Jones-Watson, known as MJ, is a prominent character in the Spider-Man comics, known for her wit and charisma.

104. Microbe: As a member of the New Warriors, Microbe, or Zachary Smith Jr., possesses the ability to communicate with bacteria and other microorganisms.

105. Microchip: Also known as Micro, David Linus Lieberman is a skilled hacker and a friend and ally of the Punisher.

106. Micromax: Scott Wright, known as Micromax, possesses the power to shrink in size while retaining his strength and abilities.

107. Midas: A mutant character with the ability to turn any substance to gold with a touch, Midas must wear special gloves to avoid disaster.

108. Midgard Serpent: Jormungand, known as the Midgard Serpent, is an ancient cosmic entity and an adversary of Thor.

109. Midnight: A vigilante character in the Marvel universe, Midnight seeks justice for the victims of crime and corruption.

110. Miek: Miek is a complex character, initially an antagonist of the Hulk, later becoming an ally and important figure on Sakaar.

111. Milan: Milan is a mutant character with the power to control the molecules of non-organic matter, using his abilities for noble purposes.

112. Miles Bullock: A S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Miles Bullock serves as a supporting character in various Marvel comics.

113. Miles Morales: Miles Morales, known as the Ultimate Spider-Man, is a beloved hero and a symbol of diversity in the Marvel universe.

114. Miles Warren: Also known as the Jackal, Miles Warren is a villain with advanced cloning technology and a deep grudge against Spider-Man.

115. Mimic: Calvin Rankin, known as Mimic, possesses the power to mimic the abilities of nearby mutants, making him a formidable and versatile ally.

116. Mimir: Mimir is a mythical being in the Marvel universe, known for his wisdom and knowledge of cosmic events.

117. Mindblast: A former circus performer, Mindblast possesses psychic abilities and energy projection powers, often serving as a mercenary.

118. Mindless Ones: Mindless Ones are powerful, monstrous beings driven solely by their destructive instincts and often associated with Doctor Strange’s enemies.

119. Mind-Wave: Mind-Wave, or M’Nai, is a mutant character with telepathic abilities, serving as a supervillain and adversary to the X-Men.

120. Minotaur: As a powerful creature with the appearance of a Minotaur, the Minotaur possesses strength and durability, making him a formidable foe.

121. Miracle Man: Miracle Man, or Norman Harrison, is a character from the early days of Marvel comics and possesses advanced technology that grants him various powers.

122. Mirage: As a mutant character and member of the New Mutants, Dani Moonstar, known as Mirage, possesses the power to project illusions based on her opponents’ fears.

123. Mister Fantastic: A founding member of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards, known as Mister Fantastic, possesses stretchable and malleable limbs, allowing him to solve problems and protect the world.

124. Mister Fish: A criminal character in the Daredevil comics, Mister Fish is known for his odd appearance and affinity for the water.

125. Mister Freeze: A DC Comics character, Mister Freeze, or Victor Fries, is a villain with a cold-based suit and a tragic backstory.

126. Mister Gideon: Also known as the Ferret, Mister Gideon possesses a specialized suit granting him heightened agility and various gadgetry.

127. Mister Hyde: Calvin Zabo, known as Mister Hyde, possesses superhuman strength and agility, fueled by a chemical serum.

128. Mister Jip: Mister Jip is a supernatural entity with reality-warping abilities and an enigmatic presence in the Marvel universe.

129. Mister M: Absolon Mercator, known as Mister M, is a mutant with the power to alter reality on a massive scale.

130. Mister Nix: A sorcerer with powerful energy-based abilities, Mister Nix is an adversary of Captain Marvel.

131. Mister Rasputin: A mutant with the ability to manipulate metal, Mister Rasputin is a relative of Colossus.

132. Mister Sensitive: As a member of X-Statix, Mister Sensitive, or Guy Smith, possesses superhuman senses and sensitivity to others’ emotions.

133. Mistress Love: Mistress Love is an abstract entity representing the concept of love in the Marvel universe.

134. Modular Man: Modular Man is a sentient AI in the Marvel universe with the ability to reconfigure and adapt to various situations.

135. Mojo: Mojo is a villainous character and ruler of the Mojoverse, a twisted dimension obsessed with television and entertainment.

136. Mojo Adams: As a member of the X-Force, Mojo Adams, or Shatterstar, is a warrior with enhanced physical abilities and energy manipulation powers.

137. Mole Man: Mole Man, or Harvey Elder, is a recurring foe of the Fantastic Four, residing underground with an army of monstrous creatures.

138. Molecule Man: Owen Reece, known as Molecule Man, possesses god-like powers over matter and is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe.

139. Mondo: Mondo is a mutant character with the ability to absorb and mimic the properties of different materials.

140. Mondo Gecko: A skateboarding mutant with gecko-like abilities, Mondo Gecko is a member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ allies.

141. Mongoose: As an adversary of Thor, Mongoose is a powerful being with enhanced strength and agility, designed to hunt and kill gods.

142. Monkey Joe: Monkey Joe is a heroic character in the Marvel universe, known for his bravery and intelligence.

143. Montana: A member of the Enforcers, Montana is a skilled lasso expert and a villainous adversary of Spider-Man.

144. Moondragon: Heather Douglas, known as Moondragon, is a powerful telepath and martial artist, often associated with the Avengers.

145. Morbius: Dr. Michael Morbius is a tragic character, a vampire-like anti-hero struggling to control his thirst for blood and seeking a cure for his condition.

146. Morg: As a herald of Galactus, Morg possesses superhuman strength and the power cosmic, serving as a formidable threat to numerous heroes.

147. Morlocks: The Morlocks are a group of mutant outcasts living in the sewers of New York City, dealing with the constant threat of persecution.

148. Mr. Immortal: Also known as Craig Hollis, Mr. Immortal is a superhero with the power to resurrect from any death, making him virtually immortal.

149. Mr. Rose: A mysterious and enigmatic character in the Marvel universe, Mr. Rose wields the powerful Black Rose, which grants him various abilities.

150. Ms. Marvel: Carol Danvers, known as Ms. Marvel, is a beloved hero with superhuman strength, energy manipulation powers, and flight.

151. M-Twins: The M-Twins, Marie and Marie-Ange Colbert, possess telepathic abilities and were members of the villainous group known as the Upstarts.

152. Multiple Man: Jamie Madrox, known as Multiple Man, possesses the power to create duplicates of himself, each with their own consciousness and skills.

153. Muskrat: Muskrat, or Norman, is a superhero with heightened senses and a member of the Rangers, serving as a supporting character in various Marvel comics.

154. Mysterio: Quentin Beck, known as Mysterio, is a master illusionist and a skilled special effects artist who uses his talents for villainous purposes.

155. Mystique: As a shape-shifting mutant, Mystique, or Raven Darkhölme, is a prominent and complex character, often associated with the X-Men.

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