15 Shapes That Start With The Letter S

Are you searching for some shapes that start with the letter S? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will delve into the fascinating world of shapes and comprise a list of some common and popular shapes starting with the letter S for you.

So, without further ado, let’s discover the shapes beginning with the letter S, which will grow your geometric vocabulary skills.

Shapes That Start With Letter S

Below are the shapes that begin with the letter S (In alphabetical order):

1. Scalene Triangle:

The scalene triangle is a type of triangle with three sides of different lengths and three different angles. Unlike an equilateral or isosceles triangle, each side and angle in a scalene triangle is distinct, creating a unique and versatile shape.

2. Sector:

A sector is a portion of a circle enclosed by two radii and an arc. It resembles a slice of pizza and is often used in geometry and trigonometry to calculate various measurements, such as area and central angles.

3. Semicircle:

A semicircle is half of a circle, formed by cutting it along its diameter. It exhibits a curved boundary with one straight edge, making it an interesting and widely used shape in architecture and design.

4. Semicolon:

While not a traditional geometric shape, a semicolon is a punctuation mark that resembles a comma with a dot above it. It is often used to connect two closely related but independent thoughts in a sentence, symbolizing strength and continuity.

5. Sphere:

The sphere is a three-dimensional shape with all points equidistant from the center. It is a fundamental shape in geometry and represents unity and perfection.

6. Sphericon:

A sphericon is a unique three-dimensional shape that rolls in an intriguing manner. It has an asymmetric design and offers an exciting blend of mathematics and physics.

7. Spheroid:

The spheroid is an ellipsoid that appears when an ellipse is rotated around one of its axes. It closely resembles a sphere but is slightly elongated or flattened, like an egg.

8. Spiral:

A spiral is a curve that starts from a central point and gradually moves away while continuously getting farther from or closer to that point. Spirals are common in nature, such as in seashells and galaxies, and are admired for their aesthetic appeal.

9. Square:

The square is a four-sided polygon with equal sides and right angles. Its symmetry and stability make it a fundamental shape in architecture and engineering.

10. Square Pyramid:

The square pyramid is a polyhedron with a square base and triangular faces that meet at a common apex. This shape is often used in architecture for constructing majestic buildings and monuments.

11. Squround:

A squround is an innovative shape that combines the features of a square and a rounded rectangle. It is gaining popularity in design and product development for its harmonious appearance.

12. Star:

A star is a shape with a series of intersecting lines that form a pattern resembling a celestial star. It has cultural and symbolic significance and is commonly used in art and decoration.

13. Stellated Octahedron:

The stellated octahedron is a complex three-dimensional shape formed by extending the faces of an octahedron. It creates a stunning and intricate figure with overlapping triangular pyramids.

14. Surface:

In geometry, a surface refers to the outermost layer of an object or shape. It is an essential concept for understanding shapes in three-dimensional space.

15. Symmetry:

While not a specific shape, symmetry is an important property of various shapes. It refers to a balanced arrangement of parts, creating a sense of harmony and proportion.

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