13 Shapes That Start With The Letter R

Are you searching for some shapes that start with the letter R? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will delve into the fascinating world of shapes and comprise a list of some common and popular shapes starting with the letter R for you.

So, without further ado, let’s discover the shapes beginning with the letter R, which will grow your geometric vocabulary skills.

Shapes That Start With Letter R

Below are the shapes that begin with the letter R (In alphabetical order):

1. Ray:

A ray is a straight line that originates from a fixed point called the endpoint and extends infinitely in one direction. It is commonly used in geometry to represent lines with a specific starting point but no definite endpoint.

2. Rectangle:

A rectangle is a quadrilateral with four right angles, making it a parallelogram with equal opposite sides. This shape is widely encountered in everyday life, from book pages to computer screens.

3. Regular Dodecagon:

A regular dodecagon is a twelve-sided polygon with twelve equal sides and twelve equal angles. It is a symmetrical and mesmerizing shape often used in art and architecture.

4. Regular Hexagon:

The regular hexagon is a six-sided polygon with all sides of equal length and internal angles measuring 120 degrees. This shape appears in nature, such as honeycomb structures created by bees.

5. Regular Octagon:

With eight equal sides and eight equal angles, the regular octagon is a stunning shape that frequently appears in design and decorative patterns.

6. Regular Pentagon:

The regular pentagon is a five-sided polygon, each side and angle identical to the others. This shape can be found in the famous Pentagon building in the United States.

7. Regular Polygon:

A regular polygon is any closed shape with straight sides that are all the same length and internal angles that are equal. The most well-known examples include triangles, squares, and circles.

8. Regular Polyhedra:

These are three-dimensional shapes with flat faces, and each face is a regular polygon. Examples of regular polyhedra include the cube and the tetrahedron.

9. Rhombus:

A rhombus is a parallelogram with four equal sides, and its opposite angles are congruent. It often appears in jewelry and is a popular choice for creating eye-catching designs.

10. Right Triangle:

A right triangle is a triangle with one 90-degree angle (a right angle). The Pythagorean theorem is essential for solving problems involving right triangles.

11. Ring:

A ring is a circular shape with a hole in the center. Rings are not only used for fingers but also in various mechanical and engineering applications.

12. Rose Curve:

A rose curve is a unique shape that resembles a petal-like pattern. It is generated by plotting mathematical equations and is a captivating mathematical concept.

13. Round:

Although not a specific geometric shape, “round” refers to any shape that is circular or spherical. It is a simple yet versatile shape used in many applications, from wheels to food items.

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