36 Math Words That Start With The Letter N

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In this article, I’m going to embark on a journey into the realm of math words that start with the letter N. From algebraic equations to awe-inspiring angles, these words hold the key to unlocking the beauty and complexity of the numerical world.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the captivating world of “Math Words That Start With N” and discover the beauty and relevance of arithmetic in our lives.

Math Words That Start With N

The followings are the math words that begin with the letter N (In alphabetical order):

1. Nano-: The prefix “nano-” in the metric system denotes one billionth (1/1,000,000,000 or 10^-9) of a unit. It is commonly used in fields like nanotechnology to represent extremely small measurements.

2. Natural Logarithm: The “natural logarithm” is a logarithm with a base equal to the mathematical constant “e” (approximately 2.71828). It is denoted as “ln” and is the inverse function of the exponential function.

3. Natural Numbers: “Natural numbers” refer to the set of positive integers starting from 1 and continuing indefinitely, without including zero or negative numbers.

4. Nautical Mile: The “nautical mile” is a unit of measurement used in navigation and aviation, representing one minute of latitude. It is equivalent to approximately 1.852 kilometers.

5. Negative: In mathematics, “negative” refers to a quantity less than zero. It is denoted by a minus sign (-) and indicates a direction opposite to the positive direction.

6. Negative Slope: “Negative slope” describes a line or graph that slants downward from left to right, indicating a decrease in the value of the dependent variable as the independent variable increases.

7. Net: In finance, “net” refers to the remaining amount after deductions or adjustments have been made.

8. Net Income: “Net income” represents the total earnings or profit of a business after subtracting all expenses, taxes, and other deductions.

9. Net Weight: “Net weight” is the weight of a product or item excluding the weight of any packaging or containers.

10. Net Worth: “Net worth” is the difference between a person’s assets (such as properties, investments, and cash) and liabilities (such as debts and loans).

11. Nickel: “Nickel” is a unit of currency that represents five cents in some monetary systems.

12. Nominal Number: A “nominal number” is a number used as a name or identifier, without any quantitative value or order.

13. Nonagon: A “nonagon” is a polygon with nine sides and nine angles.

14. Nonary: “Nonary” refers to the base-9 numeral system, which uses digits from 0 to 8 to represent numbers.

15. Nonlinear Equation: A “nonlinear equation” is an equation that does not form a straight line when graphed and may involve variables raised to powers other than one.

16. Normal: In statistics, “normal” refers to the bell-shaped curve of the normal distribution, also known as the Gaussian distribution.

17. Normal Distribution: The “normal distribution” is a continuous probability distribution characterized by its bell-shaped curve, symmetrical around the mean.

18. Normal Number: A “normal number” is an irrational number that has a uniform distribution of digits in its decimal representation.

19. Not Equal: “Not equal” is a mathematical comparison denoted by the symbol “≠,” indicating that two quantities or values are not the same.

20. Not Equal Sign: The “not equal sign” (≠) is a symbol used to represent the inequality between two values or expressions.

21. Notation: “Notation” in mathematics refers to the symbols, characters, and conventions used to represent numbers, expressions, and equations.

22. Nought: “Nought” is another term for zero, often used informally.

23. Number: A “number” is a mathematical concept used for counting, measuring, and quantifying objects and quantities.

24. Number Bonds: “Number bonds” are a visual representation of the relationships between numbers, showing how a number can be broken down into its component parts.

25. Number Line: A “number line” is a straight line with points representing numbers in order, providing a visual representation of the real numbers.

26. Number Pattern: A “number pattern” is a sequence of numbers arranged in a specific order or rule.

27. Number Properties: “Number properties” are the various characteristics and rules that numbers follow, such as commutative, associative, and distributive properties.

28. Number Sense: “Number sense” is the intuitive understanding and familiarity with numbers and their relationships, enabling individuals to make estimations and mental calculations.

29. Number Sentence: A “number sentence” is a mathematical statement that uses numbers and symbols to represent a mathematical relationship or operation.

30. Number System: A “number system” is a set of rules and symbols used to represent numbers, such as the decimal system or binary system.

31. Number Theory: “Number theory” is a branch of mathematics that studies the properties and relationships of integers and natural numbers.

32. Number Words: “Number words” are words used to represent numbers, such as “one,” “two,” “three,” etc.

33. Numeral: A “numeral” is a symbol or group of symbols used to represent a number, such as Arabic numerals (0, 1, 2, 3, etc.) or Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, etc.).

34. Numerator: In a fraction, the “numerator” is the number above the fraction bar that represents the part of the whole.

35. Numerical Analysis: “Numerical analysis” is the study of algorithms and methods for solving mathematical problems using numerical approximations and calculations.

36. Numerical Expression: A “numerical expression” is a combination of numbers, operations, and symbols without variables, representing a specific numerical value.

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