45 Clothing That Starts With The Letter T

Are you looking for some clothing that starts with the letter T? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I have comprised a list of clothes starting with T for you and hope you will find your desired cloth to wear that start with T.

Also, keep in mind that, here I consider all forms of clothing, such as western wear, traditional wear, business wear, casual wear, formal clothing, lingerie, underwear, sportswear, etc.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the list of clothing that starts with T.

Clothing That Starts With T

The clothes mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as Google, Wikipedia, Quora, Pinterest, etc. The followings are the clothing that begins with the letter T (In alphabetical order):

1. Tailcoat:

Traditionally worn for formal evening occasions, a Tailcoat is a knee-length coat characterized by a front cut away, while the rear extends into two ‘tails’.

2. Tank Tops:

A staple in any wardrobe, Tank Tops are sleeveless tops usually worn in warm weather or for sporting activities. They come in a variety of designs, colors, and materials.

3. Tartan Shirt:

A Tartan Shirt is a type of clothing with a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors. It’s often associated with Scotland, but it is worn worldwide.

4. Tassel Dress:

As the name suggests, a Tassel Dress is adorned with tassels that add movement and a touch of fun to the garment. Perfect for a casual summer outing.

5. Tea Dress:

The Tea Dress originated in the mid-19th century for women to wear at home during the tea time. Nowadays, it refers to a short, lightweight dress with a feminine and somewhat informal style.

6. Tea Gown:

A Tea Gown is a woman’s dress for informal entertaining at home. These gowns are characterized by their flowing fabrics and intricate embroidery.

7. Teddy:

In the realm of lingerie, a Teddy is a one-piece garment that combines a camisole and panty. It’s designed to be both functional and seductive.

8. Teddy Bear Coat:

Known for its plush, fuzzy texture similar to that of a teddy bear, the Teddy Bear Coat is a trendy and cozy option for chilly weather.

9. Tennis Dress:

The Tennis Dress is a sport-specific garment designed for the game of tennis. It’s typically a one-piece, short, and lightweight outfit to allow ease of movement.

10. Tennis Skirt:

Just like the dress, a Tennis Skirt is designed for comfort and flexibility during a tennis match. It’s often pleated and paired with athletic tops.

11. Terry Cloth Robe:

Made from looped cotton, a Terry Cloth Robe is highly absorbent and perfect for wearing after a bath or swim.

12. Thermal Underwear:

Thermal Underwear is a two-piece clothing item designed to be worn under the main attire during cold weather. It traps body heat to provide warmth.

13. Thong:

A Thong is a minimalist underwear design, with a thin strip of fabric at the back to allow no-show through fitted clothes.

14. Threads:

Though not a specific item, Threads is a slang term often used to refer to clothes in general.

15. Tiara:

A Tiara is a jeweled, ornamental crown traditionally worn by women on formal occasions. It’s often seen as a symbol of status.

16. Tie:

Worn around the neck, a Tie is a long piece of cloth often seen in formal or business settings. It’s typically adorned in a knot or bow.

17. Tie-Dye Shirt:

A Tie-Dye Shirt showcases a vibrant design resulting from a resist-dyeing process. It’s associated with 1960s counterculture and modern boho chic style.

18. Tiered Skirt:

A Tiered Skirt features horizontal layers of fabric, creating a flouncy and voluminous look. It’s often found in bohemian and folk-inspired fashion.

19. Tights:

Tights are a close-fitting garment covering the body from the waist down. They come in various colors, thicknesses, and patterns.

20. Toe Socks:

Unlike traditional socks, Toe Socks have individual pockets for each toe. They’re sometimes worn for comfort, warmth, or with flip-flops.

21. Togas:

An ancient Roman garment, the Toga was a draped dress worn over the body. Nowadays, it’s typically seen at theme parties or academic events.

22. Toggle Coat:

A Toggle Coat features a unique fastening system using wooden or horn-shaped toggles and loops. It’s a warm, hooded outerwear for colder months.

23. Togs:

Another colloquial term for clothing, Togs is commonly used in British and Australian English.

24. Tops:

The term Tops generally refers to any upper-body garment. It covers a wide range of styles, from t-shirts to blouses and more.

25. Track Jacket:

Part of the athletic wear, a Track Jacket is a lightweight outer shell with a zip front, often worn before or after sports.

26. Track Pants:

Like the jacket, Track Pants are designed for athletic activities. They’re usually made from breathable materials and have a loose fit for comfort.

27. Track Shorts:

Completing the athletic trio, Track Shorts are a type of lightweight shorts worn for running or other sports.

28. Tracksuit:

A Tracksuit is a set of athletic wear that consists of a jacket with matching trousers. It’s favored for comfort during sports or leisure.

29. Trains:

In fashion, Trains refer to the part of a dress or gown that trails behind the wearer. It’s a dramatic feature often seen in bridal and evening gowns.

30. Trapeze Dress:

A Trapeze Dress has a shape like a trapezoid, wider at the bottom. It’s a stylish and comfortable dress style that suits various body types.

31. Trench Dress:

A variation of the classic trench coat, the Trench Dress is a structured and belted dress often made in sturdy materials like cotton or leather.

32. Tropical Print Dress:

Perfect for a vacation or summer outing, a Tropical Print Dress features vibrant prints inspired by tropical flora and fauna.

33. Trouser:

A Trouser is a garment worn from the waist to the ankles, covering both legs separately. It’s a classic piece in both casual and formal fashion.

34. Trumpet Skirt:

Named for its shape that resembles a trumpet, a Trumpet Skirt fits closely at the waist and hips, then flares out towards the hem.

35. Trunks:

In men’s fashion, Trunks are a type of short, tight swimming suit or underwear.

36. T-Shirt:

A T-Shirt is a style of fabric shirt, named after the T shape of the body and sleeves. It’s an essential part of casual wear.

37. Tube Dress:

A Tube Dress is a strapless piece that fits tightly at the bust and flows down at the bottom, suitable for various occasions.

38. Tunic Dress:

A Tunic Dress is a loose garment, usually reaching to the knees, and can be worn on its own or over trousers or leggings.

39. Turban:

A Turban is a type of headwear based on cloth winding, often worn as customary headwear in various cultures.

40. Turkish Towel Robe:

Known for their superior absorbency, Turkish Towel Robes are perfect for spa days or relaxing at home.

41. Tutu:

A Tutu is a skirt worn as a costume in a ballet performance, often made from multiple layers of tulle.

42. Tuxedo:

A Tuxedo is a formal evening suit for men, distinguished by satin or grosgrain lapels, and a similar stripe along the outseam of the trousers.

43. Tweed Blazer:

A Tweed Blazer is a jacket made from tweed fabric, known for its warmth and durability. It’s a staple in classic, country-style wardrobes.

44. Tweed Coat:

Just like the blazer, a Tweed Coat provides an extra layer of warmth and style. It’s often seen in fall and winter wardrobes.

45. Twin Set:

A Twin Set refers to a matching set of a cardigan and a pullover or shell top. It’s a classic fashion item, often seen in preppy or vintage-inspired outfits.

Hope you enjoyed and educate yourself with this article about clothing that starts with the letter T.

Are there any other clothes beginning with the letter T that are not on the list?

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