20 British Slang For Pajamas With Examples

Welcome to a linguistic journey into the snuggly world of British English, where we’ll uncover the comfort behind the 20 unique slang terms used for the word ‘pajamas’.

British slang has a fun and whimsical way of turning ordinary pajamas into something so much more entertaining.
So, whether you’re a linguistic enthusiast or an anglophile, let’s dive into this comprehensive guide featuring 20 British slang terms for pajamas.

20 British Slang For Pajamas

Below are the 20 most used British slang for Pajamas:

1. PJs

In British slang, PJs is a shortened form of ‘pajamas’. It’s used in casual conversation and often invokes a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Example: “I can’t wait to get into my PJs after a long day at work.”

2. Jim-Jams

Jim-jams is a playful term derived from the word pajamas. It’s a child-friendly term often used when encouraging youngsters to get ready for bed.

Example: “It’s time to put on your jim-jams and get ready for storytime.”

3. Jammies

Jammies is another relaxed and fun term for pajamas. It’s generally used to invoke the feeling of comfort that comes with sliding into your most loved sleepwear at the end of the day.

Example: “I love spending the entire weekend in my jammies, watching films.”

4. Nighties

Nighties is specifically used for nightgowns or sleep dresses. The term evokes an image of something light, airy, and comfortable, perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Example: “She decided to stay in her nightie all day.”

5. Sleepies

Sleepies is a charming term for pajamas, often used in a playful or endearing context.

Example: “Don’t forget to pack your sleepies for the sleepover!”

6. Slumberwear

Slumberwear is a fancier term for pajamas and often refers to more luxurious sleepwear. This word carries a sense of sophistication.

Example: “She was lounging around in her silk slumberwear.”

7. Bedtime Threads

This phrase gives a fashionable twist to sleepwear. Bedtime threads can refer to any attire worn to bed, but it often implies stylish or trendy pajamas.

Example: “His bedtime threads were always stylish and comfortable.”

8. Snooze suit

Referring to one’s pajamas as a “snooze suit” is a playful way of acknowledging the outfit’s primary purpose: sleep. This term evokes a laid-back and comfortable image.

Example: “I can’t wait to jump into my snooze suit and catch some z’s tonight.”

9. Lounge-Wear

“Lounge-wear” indicates the comfort clothing typically worn at home, but it extends to cover pajamas as well.

Example:  In Britain, it’s not uncommon to hear someone say, “I spent the whole day in my lounge-wear, doing absolutely nothing.”

10. Sleepsuits

“Sleepsuits” is a term that primarily refers to children’s bedtime clothing, but can also be used for adults’ one-piece pajamas.

Example: “I bought these adorable sleepsuits for the twins.”

11. Night Attire

When it comes to a more formal or antiquated term, “night attire” certainly fits the bill. This term encapsulates any garments worn to bed.

Example: “I’ve got my night attire ready for a good night’s sleep.”

12. Pyjammers

This playful term “pyjammers” is a variation of the original word, adding a sense of fun and whimsy.

Example: “I can’t wait to slip into my comfy pyjammers.”

13. Duvet-Duds

“Duvet-duds” is a charming term implying that your pajamas are as comfortable as being wrapped in a duvet.

Example: “It’s been a long day; I’m ready for my duvet-duds.”

14. Pajama Bottoms

In Britain, “pajama bottoms” typically refers to the trouser portion of the pajama set, though it can sometimes imply the entire outfit.

Example: “I can’t find my favorite pajama bottoms,” someone might say.

15. Night-Time Garb:

A term that encapsulates the essence of the clothing we wear to bed. It is clothing specifically intended for the night, the purpose of sleep, or merely lounging around the house before bedtime.

Example: “After a long day, Susan couldn’t wait to change into her night-time garb.”

16. Sleepwear:

A more formal and universal term, sleepwear refers to any clothing designed to be worn during sleep. This term includes everything from pajamas, nightgowns to onesies.

Example: “He purchased a new set of sleepwear for the winter months.”

17. Bedclothes:

This phrase is not to be mistaken with ‘bedding.’ Bedclothes refer to garments worn in bed, unlike bedding, which pertains to sheets and blankets.

Example: “Her bedclothes were as soft as a cloud, ensuring a peaceful slumber.”

18. Bedtime Attire:

This is a phrase that personifies the formality and routine of preparing for bed. The ‘attire’ may range from the traditional matching pajama set to an old t-shirt and sweatpants.

Example: “His bedtime attire was always a set of flannel pajamas.”

19. Slumber Gear:

A fun term that lends a playful feel to pajamas, making it sound like you’re equipping for a great adventure of dreams.

Example: “The children were excited to don their slumber gear for the sleepover.”

20. Night-Time Outfits:

This term adds a touch of elegance and style to the idea of pajamas. It’s more than just sleepwear; it’s an ensemble designed for the night.

Example: “She took pride in her night-time outfits, always choosing silk pajamas.”

The English language, particularly in Britain, has a delightful way of adding a touch of charm to even the most mundane aspects of life, such as our nighttime attire.

These 20 British slang terms for pajamas have shown that there’s more than one way to talk about what we wear to bed.

So, the next time you’re getting ready for bed, why not have a little fun with language and don your ‘slumber gear’ or slip into your ‘night-time garb’?

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