Apple Watch Series 6 review: Cheaper, Brighter, and Still the Best.

The new king of smartwatches Apple Watch Series 6 is minutely faster, brighter, and cheaper with a new sensor which helps to hold dignity in the kingdom of smartwatches.

From 2019 the Apple Watch series 6 pursue watch 5, which offers blood oxygen monitoring, sleep tracking, and always on-display reached the Apple Watch in the apex, and assist in difficult the new replications. To use the watch an iPhone is required because it can’t be used with android.

The new Apple Watch Series 6 as like the Series 5 with a new Blood Oxygen Concentration (BOC) sensor on the back. Additionally, it has a 2.5x brighter screen when it is switched to ‘Always-on’ display mode. It also has a faster chip and comes in some new colors such as red aluminum or blue. To wear comfortably, it has a large extent of strap options with new forms such as Solo Loop and Solo Braided Loop.

Therefore, let’s know everything about the Apple Watch Series 6:

Apple Watch Series 6 Specs:

Name of SpecsDescriptions
Sizes 40 or 44 mm
Thickness 10.4 mm
Music storage36GB
Operating systemWatchOS 7
Battery life18 hours
Water resistanceMaximum 50 meters ( 5ATM)
Staring price$399 (only GPS), $499 (GPS+ Cellular)
Weight36.5 to 47.1g or 30.5 to 39.7g depends on material
SensorsECG, SoP2 , HR sensor, microphone, light, Speaker, NFC, GPS, altimeter
ConnectivityWifi n, Bluetooth 5, ultra-wideband, and Optional requiring eSIM
Apple Watch Series 6 offers to determine fitness activity.
Apple watch 6

Apple Watch Series 6: what we like

  • Blood Oxygen app: we’re happy to inform you that we have got 99% blood oxygen levels readings where 95% consider as normal reading which makes the Blood Oxygen app a complete application. Providing a quick blood oxygen synopsis, it travels users by receiving on-demand readings.
  • Permanent brighter display: Outside of the sunlight or indoors, obviously Apple Watch 6’s display is brighter than Apple watch 5. Though the difference is less appreciable in the direct sunlight. However, it remained that the Apple Watch Series 6’s screen is truly brighter when we noticed back at some side-by-side images.
  • Excellent New watch faces and third-party complications: All new-launched watch faces of Apple will make you undoubtedly ditch infographic. Although the Memoji, Stripes, and Artist options are excellent for presenting your personality, however, we really love the typography face’s bold design. To add thanks for supporting third-party complications, the good ‘old modular faces are more perfect than ever.

Apple Watch Series 6: What we don’t like

  • Same battery Life: Like Apple Watch 5, 4, and 3, Apple Watch Series 6 is also rated for 18 hours. Probably, we are going to get to ditch the daily charges on the next series, series 7.
  • Solo Loop Band: At first, the wide clasp-less band sounded like a good alternative to the traditional sport bands. However, we have returned to the classic strap rapidly. Because we seemed that we may have the false solo loop size, you may need a printable measuring tape to choose yours. Still, now, we don’t feel better pulling it over our hands as well as we think that we aren’t the only people who have to find this issue.

Apple Watch Series 6 Price and availability

The Apple Watch Series 6 price depends on whether it has a GPS-only model or GPS + Cellular variation also. If it has a GPS-only model, the price starts at $399 and if it has GPS+ Cellular variation, the price may go up to $429. In the meantime, the larger 44mm model might be started at $429.

Note that, as a part of the company’s new sustainability purpose, they won’t ship it with a power adapter.

Apple Watch Series 6 review

Design and permanent brighter display

Apple Watch Series 6 ensure an always-on display which is 2.5x brighter than Watch 5 and 4.
Apple Watch 6 has permanent or always -on display.

The squircle shape, digital Crown, and also other parts of Apple Watch Series 6 looks like the last few Apple Watch models. As for ends, it comes in monopolistic blue and Product Red casings. Though the gold, silver, and Space gray are steel smooth, really, we are a big fan of the Apple watch driving the colorful tech kingdom.

The Apple Watch Series 6 offers an always-on display that lets you take the time at a glance. Apple says that the always-on display is twice brighter than before and it catches from our optical observations also. It isn’t possible to quantify, but it undoubtedly looks more intense than the series 5 in side-by-side analogism. 

The repair specialists iFixit defined the Apple Watch Series 6 as a repairability score of 6 out of 10.

Blood Oxygen (SpO2) monitoring

Apple Watch Series 6 helps to quantify blood oxygen saturation level in the body.
Apple Watch 6 measure blood oxygen saturation level in the bod

Apple Watch Series 6 has a blood oxygen sensor which can quantify the oxygen saturation level of your blood. SpO2 monitoring helps to know users their blood oxygen concentrations and 15-seconds on-demand readings respectively as a form of Pulse oximetry. It also helps to know periodic background checks.

According to Apple inside, a measurement of 95%-100% is considered as an ideal condition whereas below the ideal levels of Blood Oxygen Concentration (BOC) can cause sleep apnea, an underlying health issue. Apart from that, it can also show the symptoms of silent hypoxia which is a life-threatening condition that can increase the effect of respiratory illness day by day.

Though Apple isn’t the first company that has integrated SpO2 monitoring into its health features, you can stake with someone if the company is ready to release its own implementation because they believe that it has been successfully implemented. Most of the time We recorded 98% to 100% blood oxygen levels which matched the traditional finger-based pulse oximeter.

Sleep tracking

Apple Watch Series 6 is well-known for
Providing bedtime routine and sleeping goals also.
Apple Watch 6 offers bedtime routine and fulfill the sleeping goals.

We want to thank the WatchOS 7 beta for implementing sleep tracking in the Apple Watch Series 6, we have spent a few weeks with this tracking process. Though it isn’t appropriate as Fitbit’s snooze-monitoring software, it successfully ensures a bedtime routine as well as hastens the benefits of setting sleep goals. The people who want to love stopping their activity circle, they will praise the challenge that ensures 7 hours of sleep. 

Last month, we conducted a trial with this sleep tracking application. Surprisingly, we found it reminds us to wind down for bed as well as every night. Really, we all found a more peaceful time. 

Other watchOS 7 features and Apple Fitness Plus

Over the best fitness trackers, Apple has reached the apex where its preset workout library. By tracking the Apple Watch arsenal, the watchOS 7 updates affix Functional Strength Training, Dance, Cool Down activity, and Core Training.

Probably, Apple fitness plus is going to be available to the apple watch customers before ending this year. Teaching by the real instructor, the upcoming workout subscription service provides 10 types of classes. Though Apple Watch 6 buyers will get 3 months free, Apple Fitness Plus charges $79.99 per year and $9.99 per month respectively.

A mobility metric, watch face sharing and hand-washing timer are upgrades among the other watchOS 7. We don’t get that the hand-washing timer works properly. However, the mobility metrics are really attractive for assisting older users to keep tabs on things like stride length, walking speed, and step asymmetry. On the other hand, watch face sharing is tidy, although we don’t show anyone to see or steal their screen setup on this day.

Battery life

 Like Apple Watch 5, 4, and 3, Apple Watch Series 6 is also rated for 18 hours. Although we didn’t even find a full 18-hours on days that we expected when we did a GPS-guided workout. we could have expected to get some improvement in this area, but today the daily change should be ensured first.

However, keep in mind that Apple Watch 6 takes less time than Apple watch 5 to be fully charged. Where Apple Watch 6 takes 90 minutes to fully charge, apple watch 5 takes around 2 hours.


We will recommend the Apple Watch Series 6 because of having a SpO2 monitor tool which can make you satisfied, especially making emphasis on personal health, though there isn’t much difference between Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch 5.

We want to praise its slim design, clean software as well as seamless ecosystem integration. Apple always tries to hold the first position in every feature until the users are satisfied.

Though, today the competition is more reliable than before. The Fitbit sense and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 are just a few alternatives to Apple Watch 6 with SpO2 and ECG worth tools.

Moreover, Apple’s fitness activity is very well-known for its users. Though it isn’t a robust upgrade over Apple Watch Series 5 and even 4 but Series 6 is the best smartwatch for having a blood oxygen (SpO2) app, fast charging capacity, and permanent brighter display, you can purchase it right now if you use an iPhone.

We really think that blood oxygen monitoring sensors are a game changer here and we like brighter always-on displays also. Here is our judgment:

In Favor:

  • Blood Oxygen (SpO2) Application                 
  • Permanent brighter-on display
  • New colorful casings
  • Fast charging


  • Same 18-hours battery life

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