28 Superheroes That Start With The Letter Y

Have you ever wondered about the incredible world of superheroes whose names begin with the letter Y? Wonder no more, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will unveil some of the most iconic superheroes whose names start with Y, delving into their origins and the incredible feats that make them stand out in the superhero pantheon.

So, without any further delay, buckle up and let’s begin this exhilarating ride into the realm of superheroes that start with the letter Y.

Superheroes That Start With The Letter Y

The followings are some of the most famous Superheroes that begin with the letter Y (In alphabetical order):

1. Yamato: Yamato is a Japanese superhero from the Marvel Comics universe. As a mutant with the power of photokinesis, he can manipulate light and use it to blind his opponents or create energy constructs.

2. Yandroth: Yandroth is a Marvel Comics character and a powerful sorcerer and scientist. Often depicted as a villain, he is known for his intellect and expertise in dark arts and manipulation.

3. Yankee Clipper: Yankee Clipper is a DC Comics character and a member of the All-Star Squadron, a superhero team set during World War II. With his flight and superhuman strength, he fights alongside other heroes to protect the innocent.

4. Yankee Poodle: Yankee Poodle, also known as Rova Barkitt, is a DC Comics character and a superhero with the ability to shrink in size. As a member of the Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew, she brings humor and adventure to the anthropomorphic animal team.

5. Yara Flor (Wonder Woman): Yara Flor is a DC Comics character and the newest incarnation of Wonder Woman. Hailing from the Amazonian tribe of the Riverlands, she wields a magical lasso and a magical sword, embodying the strength and grace of Wonder Woman.

6. Yarael Poof: Yarael Poof is a Star Wars character from the Jedi Order and appears in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. As a Quermian Jedi Master, he possesses multiple appendages, which make him stand out among other Jedi.

7. Yelena Belova: Yelena Belova is a Marvel Comics character and a former spy and assassin known as the Black Widow. With her exceptional combat skills and espionage expertise, she has had complex relationships with both heroes and villains.

8. Yellow Claw: Yellow Claw is a Marvel Comics character and a master villain and scientist with a long lifespan. As a master of deception and manipulation, he is a formidable adversary for various Marvel superheroes.

9. Yellow Eagle: Yellow Eagle is a Marvel Comics character and a Native American superhero with superhuman strength and enhanced senses. As a proud defender of his people and their traditions, he represents the rich diversity of heroes in the Marvel universe.

10. Yellow Lantern (Thaal Sinestro): Thaal Sinestro is a DC Comics character and a former Green Lantern turned villain and later anti-hero. As a wielder of the Yellow Lantern ring, he harnesses the power of fear and creates the Sinestro Corps to enforce his vision of order in the universe.

11. Yellow Owl: Yellow Owl is a Marvel Comics character and a member of the Rangers, a group of Native American superheroes. With his archery skills and mystical connections to nature, he fights against supernatural threats.

12. Yellowjacket (Hank Pym): Hank Pym, a Marvel Comics character, is known for taking on various superhero identities, including Yellowjacket. As a brilliant scientist, he invents the Pym Particles, which allow him to change size and become a formidable hero.

13. Yeti: Yeti is a Marvel Comics character and a member of the superhero team, the X-Statix. As a large and furry mutant, he possesses superhuman strength and agility.

14. Y’Garon: Y’Garon is a DC Comics character and a powerful demon associated with the character Etrigan the Demon. As a formidable force from the depths of hell, he battles against Etrigan and other mystical heroes.

15. Ymir: Ymir is a Marvel Comics character and a frost giant from Asgard, a realm in the Marvel universe. With his immense size and power over ice and cold, he is a significant adversary for Thor and other Asgardian heroes.

16. Yondu Udonta (Yondu): Yondu Udonta is a Marvel Comics character and a member of the Ravagers, a group of space pirates. As a skilled archer with a telepathic bond with his arrow, he plays a crucial role in various cosmic adventures.

17. Yon-Rogg (Magnitron): Yon-Rogg is a Marvel Comics character and a Kree military officer and spy. As a long-time nemesis of Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), he represents the ongoing conflict between the Kree and Earth’s heroes.

18. Young Avenger (Kate Bishop): Kate Bishop, also known as Hawkeye, is a Marvel Comics character and a member of the Young Avengers. With her exceptional archery skills and determination, she embodies the legacy of the original Hawkeye and serves as an inspiration for young heroes.

19. Young Justice: Young Justice is a DC Comics superhero team consisting of young heroes, including Superboy, Robin, and Wonder Girl. With their mentorship under experienced heroes, they fight against supervillains and protect the world.

20. Young X-Men: Young X-Men is a Marvel Comics team consisting of young mutants led by Danielle Moonstar. With their powers and struggles as mutants, they seek to find their place in a world that fears and misunderstands them.

21. Youngblood: Youngblood is a superhero team in the Image Comics universe, known for its popularity in the early 1990s. Comprised of various heroes, they take on high-profile missions and face challenges both on and off the battlefield.

22. Ystina (Shining Knight): Ystina, also known as Shining Knight, is a DC Comics character and a medieval knight from the Arthurian legends. With her enchanted sword and armor, she becomes a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory and fights for justice across time and space.

23. Yu Komori (Typhoon): Yu Komori, also known as Typhoon, is a Marvel Comics character and a member of the Japanese superhero team, Big Hero 6. With her ability to generate and control wind, she brings her elemental powers to the team’s endeavors.

24. Yu The Great: Yu The Great is a Chinese legendary figure and a hero known for his efforts to control flooding in ancient China. In Chinese mythology, he is revered as a wise ruler and a symbol of diligence and determination.

25. Yuga Khan: Yuga Khan is a DC Comics character and a New God associated with the villain Darkseid. As a powerful entity, he plays a significant role in the cosmic battles between the New Gods and their adversaries.

26. Yukio: Yukio is a Marvel Comics character and a skilled assassin and ally of Wolverine. With her agility and sword-fighting skills, she has aided various heroes in their missions.

27. Yukon Jack: Yukon Jack is a Marvel Comics character and a Canadian superhero with superhuman strength and durability. As a defender of the North, he embraces his Canadian heritage and takes on various challenges.

28. Yvette D’Antonio (Aqualass): Yvette D’Antonio, also known as Aqualass, is a DC Comics character and the daughter of Aquaman. With her Atlantean heritage and aquatic powers, she contributes to the legacy of the Aquaman family.

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