37 Superheroes That Start With The Letter U

Have you ever wondered about the incredible world of superheroes whose names begin with the letter U? Wonder no more, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will unveil some of the most iconic superheroes whose names start with U, delving into their origins and the incredible feats that make them stand out in the superhero pantheon.

So, without any further delay, buckle up and let’s begin this exhilarating ride into the realm of superheroes that start with the letter U.

Superheroes That Start With The Letter U

The followings are some of the most famous Superheroes that begin with the letter U (In alphabetical order):

1. Phil Urich: Phil Urich, also known as the Green Goblin and later the heroic Hobgoblin, is a complex character in the Marvel universe. Starting as a villain, he eventually redeems himself and becomes a force for good, using his intelligence and technology for the greater good.

2. U.S. Agent: John Walker takes on the mantle of U.S. Agent, serving as a government-sponsored superhero with enhanced strength and combat skills. He has a complex history, having been both an ally and adversary to Captain America.

3. Uatu: Uatu the Watcher is a cosmic being tasked with observing and recording significant events in the Marvel universe. He is bound by an oath of non-interference but occasionally bends the rules to aid heroes in critical situations.

4. Ubermensch: In the Squadron Supreme storyline, Markus Milton becomes Ubermensch, a hero with vast superhuman abilities and a dedication to justice.

5. Ubu: Ubu is a loyal servant and bodyguard to Ra’s al Ghul in the DC universe, known for his exceptional combat skills and loyalty to his master.

6. Ulik: Ulik is one of Thor’s adversaries, a powerful and brutish Rock Troll with enhanced strength and durability.

7. Ultimate Spider-Man: In the Ultimate Marvel universe, Peter Parker takes on the role of Spider-Man, juggling his superhero responsibilities with the challenges of adolescence.

8. Ultimate Spider-Woman: Jessica Drew, also known as Spider-Woman, is a clone of Peter Parker in the Ultimate Marvel universe, possessing similar powers and abilities.

9. Ultimatum: In the Marvel universe, the Ultimatum is a powerful mutant with reality-warping abilities, using his powers to reshape the world according to his vision.

10. Ultimo: Ultimo is a giant robotic villain in the Marvel universe, created by the Mandarin to battle Iron Man and other heroes.

11. Ultimus: In the Marvel universe, Ultimus is an Eternal with vast superhuman abilities, often clashing with the Avengers and other heroes.

12. Ultra Boy: Jo Nah, known as Ultra Boy, is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes with the ability to access multiple superpowers, but only one at a time.

13. Ultraforce: Ultraforce is a superhero team in the Malibu Comics universe, composed of various heroes with unique abilities.

14. Ultragirl: In the Marvel universe, Suzy Sherman becomes Ultragirl, possessing flight, energy projection, and superhuman strength as a member of the New Warriors.

15. Ultraman: Ultraman is the heroic counterpart of Superman in the DC universe, hailing from Earth-3, where heroes are villains and vice versa.

16. Ultrawoman: Ultrawoman is the heroic counterpart of Wonder Woman in the DC universe, also originating from Earth-3.

17. Ultron: Ultron is a formidable villain in the Marvel universe, an artificial intelligence with advanced technology and a relentless desire to eliminate humanity.

18. Ulysses Bloodstone: Ulysses Bloodstone is a skilled fighter with a gem that grants him immortality, often fighting supernatural threats.

19. Ulysses Klaue: Known as Klaw, Ulysses Klaue is a villain with a sonic emitter for a hand, frequently clashing with the Black Panther and other heroes.

20. U-Man: U-Man is a Nazi agent and villain in the Marvel universe, possessing superhuman abilities after exposure to a special gas.

21. Umar: Umar is the sister of Dormammu in the Marvel universe, a powerful sorceress with control over dark magic.

22. Uncle Sam: Uncle Sam is a patriotic symbol and superhero in the DC universe, representing the spirit of America and often leading a team of patriotic heroes known as the Freedom Fighters.

23. Underdog: Underdog is a classic cartoon superhero, a humble and mild-mannered dog who transforms into a powerful hero to save the day.

24. Unicorn: The Unicorn is a villain in the Marvel universe, equipped with a powerful horned helmet that grants him energy projection and flight abilities.

25. Uni-Mind: In the Marvel universe, the Uni-Mind is a powerful psychic entity formed by combining the collective consciousness of the Eternals.

26. Union: Union is a member of the superhero team StormWatch in the WildStorm universe, possessing electromagnetic powers.

27. Union Jack: Various characters have taken on the mantle of Union Jack in the Marvel universe, representing British patriotism and fighting for justice.

28. Union Jack II: Joseph Chapman becomes the second Union Jack, fighting alongside other British heroes in the Marvel universe.

29. Universal Woman: Universal Woman is a character in the Marvel universe, a cosmic entity representing the embodiment of the universe itself.

30. Universe Man: In the DC universe, Universe Man is a cosmic being with vast powers, created by the Guardians of the Universe.

31. Unstoppable Wasp: Nadia van Dyne, known as the Unstoppable Wasp, is the daughter of Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne, possessing similar size-changing abilities as her parents.

32. Unus: Angelo Unuscione, known as Unus the Untouchable, is a mutant with the power to generate an impenetrable force field around himself.

33. Unuscione: Unuscione is an alternate version of Angelo Unuscione in the Marvel universe.

34. Uranos: Uranos is an Eternal in the Marvel universe, often clashing with other cosmic beings and superheroes.

35. Urich: While Phil Urich is mentioned earlier, this entry refers to other characters with the last name Urich in the Marvel universe.

36. Ursa: Ursa is a Kryptonian villain in the DC universe, possessing superhuman abilities and often serving as a companion to General Zod.

37. Ursa Major: Mikhail Ursus, known as Ursa Major, is a mutant with the ability to transform into a giant bear, often associated with the Soviet Super-Soldiers.

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