47 Superheroes That Start With The Letter C

Have you ever wondered about the incredible world of superheroes whose names begin with the letter C? Wonder no more, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will unveil some of the most iconic superheroes whose names start with C, delving into their origins and the incredible feats that make them stand out in the superhero pantheon.

So, without any further delay, buckle up and let’s begin this exhilarating ride into the realm of superheroes that start with the letter C.

Superheroes That Start With The Letter C

The followings are some of the most famous Superheroes that begin with the letter C (In alphabetical order):

1. Cable (Future Version of Wolverine): Cable, also known as Nathan Summers, is a time-traveling mutant and the future son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey (Marvel Girl). Armed with advanced technology and formidable psychic abilities, Cable fights to prevent apocalyptic futures and protect mutantkind.

2. Caliban: Caliban is a mutant character in Marvel Comics with the power to sense and track other mutants. Initially a member of the Morlocks, he later becomes an important ally to various superhero teams, including the X-Men.

3. Calypso: Calypso is a mystical character in Marvel Comics and a recurring adversary of Spider-Man. As a voodoo priestess, she uses dark magic and rituals to torment the web-slinger and other heroes.

4. Camellia: Camellia is a superhero from DC Comics with plant-based powers, including the ability to control and manipulate plant life. With her connection to nature, she fights to protect the environment and those in need.

5. Cannonball: Cannonball, also known as Sam Guthrie, is a mutant hero and a member of the X-Men and the New Mutants in Marvel Comics. He possesses the ability to fly at incredible speeds while encased in an impenetrable force field.

6. Captain America: Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers, is an iconic superhero and a symbol of patriotism and heroism in the Marvel universe. With his super-soldier serum-enhanced abilities and iconic shield, Captain America fights for justice and freedom.

7. Captain Atlas: Captain Atlas is a heroic character in Marvel Comics and a member of the Kree superhero team, Starforce. With his Kree physiology and energy projection abilities, he fights to protect the Kree Empire.

8. Captain Atom: Captain Atom, also known as Nathaniel Adam, is a DC Comics character with nuclear-based powers, including energy manipulation and flight. He has been a member of various superhero teams and plays a significant role in the DC universe.

9. Captain Britain: Captain Britain, also known as Brian Braddock, is a heroic character from Marvel Comics and a defender of the United Kingdom. With the power of the Amulet of Right, he gains superhuman abilities and becomes a guardian of the British Isles.

10. Captain Comet: Captain Comet, also known as Adam Blake, is a powerful and long-lived hero in DC Comics. As an evolutionary superhuman, he possesses various psychic abilities and has been involved in various cosmic story arcs.

11. Captain France: Captain France, also known as Albert Cleary, is a heroic character in Marvel Comics. As part of the Captain Britain Corps, he defends the multiverse and battles alongside other Captain Britains from different realities.

12. Captain Italy: Captain Italy, also known as Mario De Fonte, is a member of the Captain Britain Corps in Marvel Comics. With his fellow corps members, he stands as a beacon of hope and courage across the multiverse.

13. Captain Marvel: Captain Marvel, also known as Carol Danvers, is a beloved superhero in Marvel Comics and a key member of the Avengers. With her cosmic powers and tenacity, she fights to protect the Earth and the universe from various threats.

14. Captain Planet: Captain Planet is an eco-conscious superhero from the animated TV series “Captain Planet and the Planeteers.” Formed by the powers of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart, he champions environmental causes and inspires young viewers to protect the planet.

15. Captain Spain: Captain Spain, also known as Carlos Fraile, is a member of the Captain Britain Corps in Marvel Comics. As a guardian of the multiverse, he represents the heroic spirit of Spain.

16. Captain UK: Captain UK, also known as Linda McQuillan, is a heroic character in Marvel Comics and a member of the Captain Britain Corps. As a defender of the multiverse, she stands ready to protect her reality and others from danger.

17. Cardiac: Cardiac, also known as Elias Wirtham, is a vigilante and anti-hero in Marvel Comics. He uses advanced technology and medical knowledge to fight against corporate corruption and crime.

18. Carnage: Carnage, also known as Cletus Kasady, is a psychotic and murderous villain in Marvel Comics. As the offspring of Venom, he possesses similar symbiotic powers but with a more violent and sadistic nature.

19. Carol Danvers: Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, was initially introduced as Ms. Marvel in Marvel Comics. As an Air Force pilot, she gains cosmic powers and becomes one of Marvel’s most powerful and influential heroes.

20. Casey Jones: Casey Jones is a vigilante and ally of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in comics and other media. With his expertise in sports equipment and combat skills, he aids the turtles in their fight against crime and the Foot Clan.

21. Catgirl: Catgirl, also known as Carrie Kelley, is a heroic character from DC Comics. In Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns,” she becomes Batman’s sidekick, donning a feline-inspired costume.

22. Cathrine Mora: Cathrine Mora, also known as Cat, is a character from the Wildstorm universe. As a skilled combatant and espionage expert, she takes on missions for her covert team, Wildcats.

23. Catman: Catman, also known as Thomas Blake, is a character in DC Comics. Initially a Batman villain, he later becomes an anti-hero, aligning himself with various superhero teams.

24. Catwoman: Catwoman, also known as Selina Kyle, is a complex and iconic character in DC Comics. As a skilled thief with a love-hate relationship with Batman, she navigates the line between villain and hero.

25. Cerise: Cerise is an alien hero from Marvel Comics, known for her distinctive appearance and Shi’ar heritage. With her natural flight and energy manipulation abilities, she fights for justice and exploration in space.

26. Cesspool: Cesspool is a villainous character in the G.I. Joe comics, infamous for his toxic waste and environmental destruction. As the leader of the eco-terrorist group Cobra-La, he poses a significant threat to the G.I. Joe team.

27. Chameleon: Chameleon, also known as Dmitri Smerdyakov, is a villain in Marvel Comics and a master of disguise and impersonation. His shape-shifting abilities make him a cunning and elusive adversary.

28. Cheetah: Cheetah, also known as Barbara Ann Minerva, is one of Wonder Woman’s most famous adversaries in DC Comics. With her curse-induced cheetah-like abilities, she seeks power and dominance.

29. Chitauri: The Chitauri are a powerful and antagonistic alien race in Marvel Comics. Most notably seen in the “Infinity” storyline and the “Avengers” film, they serve as relentless invaders bent on Earth’s conquest.

30. Clan Destine: Clan Destine is a team of immortal heroes and siblings in Marvel Comics. With various superhuman abilities, they protect the world from supernatural threats while navigating their long-lived family dynamics.

31. Clint Barton: Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye, is a skilled marksman and a prominent member of the Avengers in Marvel Comics. With his exceptional archery skills and resourcefulness, Hawkeye stands shoulder to shoulder with super-powered allies.

32. Cloak And Dagger: Cloak and Dagger, also known as Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen, are a superhero duo in Marvel Comics. They fight crime together, with Cloak possessing the power to create darkness, and Dagger harnessing light-based abilities.

33. Cobra: Cobra is the infamous terrorist organization and primary adversary of G.I. Joe in the G.I. Joe comics and media. Led by the ruthless Cobra Commander, they seek global dominance and control.

34. Colossus: Colossus, also known as Piotr Rasputin, is a beloved member of the X-Men in Marvel Comics. With the power to transform his body into organic steel, he is a resilient and powerful hero.

35. Comet: Comet, also known as Comet the Super-Horse, is an unusual character from DC Comics. Gifted with human intelligence and the ability to fly, he has had various cosmic adventures alongside Superman and Supergirl.

36. Constantine: John Constantine is a supernatural anti-hero and occult detective in DC Comics. Known for his cynical nature and magical expertise, he confronts supernatural threats while dealing with the consequences of his own actions.

37. Copperhead: Copperhead, also known as Shimmer Kaine, is a DC Comics character and a member of the supervillain team, the Suicide Squad. With her reptilian physiology and combat skills, she poses a dangerous threat to her enemies.

38. Copycat: Copycat, also known as Vanessa Carlysle, is a Marvel Comics character with the ability to mimic the physical appearance and powers of others. She is a complex character with ties to both the X-Men and Deadpool.

39. Corsair: Corsair, also known as Christopher Summers, is a spacefaring hero and the father of Cyclops and Havok in Marvel Comics. With his expertise in piloting and leadership, he plays a significant role in various cosmic story arcs.

40. Cosmic Boy: Cosmic Boy, also known as Rokk Krinn, is a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in DC Comics. With his magnetic abilities, he leads and protects the 31st-century team of young heroes.

41. Crimson Dynamo: Crimson Dynamo is the name of several armored villains in Marvel Comics, most notably associated with the Soviet Union and Russia. Each wearer of the Crimson Dynamo armor brings their own motivations and challenges to the role.

42. Crimson Fox: Crimson Fox, also known as Vivian and Constance D’Aramis, is a heroic character in DC Comics. As French superheroes, they possess enhanced agility and a unique ability to communicate telepathically.

43. Crossbones: Crossbones, also known as Brock Rumlow, is a formidable and brutal mercenary in Marvel Comics. As a skilled combatant and adversary of Captain America, he represents a relentless threat to the hero.

44. Crystal: Crystal, also known as Crystalia Amaquelin, is an Inhuman and a member of the Royal Family in Marvel Comics. With her elemental manipulation powers, she plays a significant role in the Inhumans’ struggles and storylines.

45. Cyborg: Cyborg, also known as Victor Stone, is a prominent member of the Teen Titans and the Justice League in DC Comics. With his cybernetic enhancements and technological prowess, he fights to protect the world from various threats.

46. Cyclops: Cyclops, also known as Scott Summers, is the iconic leader of the X-Men in Marvel Comics. With his optic blasts and strategic mind, he plays a vital role in protecting mutants and coexisting with humans.

47. Cypher: Cypher, also known as Douglas Ramsey, is a mutant hero and a member of the New Mutants and X-Men in Marvel Comics. With the power to understand any language or code, he is a valuable asset to the superhero community.

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