15 Shapes That Start With The Letter H

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In this article, I will delve into the fascinating world of shapes and comprise a list of some common and popular shapes starting with the letter H for you.

So, without further ado, let’s discover the shapes beginning with the letter H, which will grow your geometric vocabulary skills.

Shapes That Start With Letter H

Below are the shapes that begin with the letter H (In alphabetical order):

1. Heart Shape:

The Heart Shape is instantly recognizable and symbolizes love and affection. It features two curved arcs meeting at a point, resembling the shape of a human heart. The Heart Shape holds immense cultural significance, representing emotions, romance, and compassion.

2. Hectogon:

The hectogon is a polygon with one hundred sides and one hundred angles. Although rarely encountered in practical applications, the hectogon holds mathematical interest and challenges our understanding of polygons and their properties.

3. Helicoid:

The Helicoid is a three-dimensional shape that resembles a spiral ramp or staircase. It exhibits a helical or spiral structure that extends infinitely along its axis. The Helicoid is a captivating shape found in various architectural designs, sculptures, and even mathematical models.

4. Helix:

The Helix is a spiral shape formed by a curve that wraps around a central axis. It is commonly found in nature, such as in the structure of DNA, seashells, and plants. The Helix shape exhibits elegance and balance, embodying the harmony of natural patterns.

5. Hemihelix:

The Hemihelix is a partial helix, representing a spiral shape that spans only a portion of a complete helix. It offers an intriguing twist on the traditional helical structure, creating visually captivating patterns and asymmetrical designs.

6. Hemisphere:

The Hemisphere is a half-sphere shape, formed by cutting a sphere into two equal halves along a plane. It is characterized by its curved surface and represents half of a complete sphere. Hemispheres find practical applications in architecture, design, and even astronomy.

7. Hendecagon:

The Hendecagon is an eleven-sided polygon with eleven angles. It is a rare shape encountered in geometry and holds mathematical interest due to its unique properties and relationships between angles and sides.

8. Heptagon:

The Heptagon is a polygon with seven sides and seven angles. It is a commonly encountered shape, found in everyday objects like stop signs and coins. The Heptagon showcases symmetry and plays a significant role in various mathematical and architectural designs.

9. Hexaflexagon:

The Hexaflexagon is a fascinating paper model that can be flexed and folded to reveal hidden faces and patterns. It is a geometric toy that challenges our perception of shapes and surfaces. The Hexaflexagon is a playful shape that encourages creativity and exploration.

10. Hexagon:

The Hexagon is a polygon with six sides and six angles. It is a versatile shape that appears in various natural and man-made objects, such as honeycombs, snowflakes, and architectural designs. The Hexagon embodies strength, efficiency, and balance.

11. Hexagonal Prism:

The Hexagonal Prism is a three-dimensional shape with hexagonal bases and rectangular or parallelogram sides. It combines the properties of hexagons and prisms to create a visually intriguing structure. Hexagonal Prisms are commonly found in architecture, engineering, and packaging.

12. Hexahedron:

The Hexahedron is a three-dimensional shape with six faces, typically in the form of a cube. It is a fundamental shape in geometry and provides the foundation for understanding three-dimensional space. The Hexahedron showcases stability and symmetry.

13. Hyperbola:

The Hyperbola is a curve that consists of two distinct, mirror-symmetric branches. It is commonly encountered in mathematics, physics, and engineering. The Hyperbola holds significant importance in fields such as astronomy, optics, and signal processing.

14. Hyperboloid:

The Hyperboloid is a three-dimensional shape formed by rotating a hyperbola around its axis. It exhibits an intriguing curved surface and finds applications in architecture, design, and even sculpture. The Hyperboloid represents elegance and innovation.

15. Hypersphere:

The Hypersphere is a higher-dimensional analog of a sphere. It exists in dimensions higher than three, and its surface encloses a higher-dimensional space. The Hypersphere is a concept explored in mathematics and theoretical physics, offering insights into complex geometries.

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