34 Reptiles That Start With The Letter Q

Have you ever wondered about the intriguing world of reptiles that start with the letter Q? Wonder no more, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will take a closer look at some of the most remarkable reptiles whose names begin with Q and explore the wonders they bring to our planet.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the enchanting world of letter Q reptiles together!

Reptiles That Start With Q

The followings are some reptiles that begin with the letter Q (In alphabetical order). Also note that this list includes a mix of snakes, lizards, turtles, and other reptiles.

1. Quedenfeldtia Moerens

Quedenfeldtia Moerens, also known as the Moorish Sand Racer, is a non-venomous snake species found in North Africa. With its slender body and remarkable speed, it is a proficient hunter of small prey.

2. Queen Snake

The Queen Snake is a non-venomous water snake native to North America. It is renowned for its piscivorous diet, primarily preying on fish and amphibians.

3. Queensland Carpet Python

The Queensland Carpet Python, also known as the Diamond Python, is a stunning snake species found in Australia. It exhibits a striking pattern of diamonds and is popular in the pet trade due to its docile nature.

4. Queensland Legless Lizard

The Queensland Legless Lizard, native to Australia, is a unique reptile with a snake-like appearance and lack of limbs. Despite its appearance, it belongs to the lizard family and is adapted to life in arid environments.

5. Queretaran Desert Lizard

The Queretaran Desert Lizard, found in Mexico, is a small and resilient species adept at surviving in harsh desert conditions. It displays intricate color patterns to blend into its surroundings.

6. Queretaran Dusky Rattlesnake

The Queretaran Dusky Rattlesnake, native to Mexico, is a venomous snake species characterized by its dusky coloration. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance of local ecosystems.

7. Queretaran Spiny Lizard

The Queretaran Spiny Lizard, as the name suggests, boasts a spiny appearance, making it an interesting subject for reptile enthusiasts. It is native to the central highlands of Mexico.

8. Quetzalcoatlus

Quetzalcoatlus is not a reptile, but rather a genus of pterosaur, an extinct flying reptile from the Late Cretaceous period. It is known for its colossal size, with some species having wingspans of up to 33 feet.

9. Quince Monitor

The Quince Monitor, also known as the Black Tree Monitor, is a striking lizard species found in the tropical rainforests of Papua New Guinea. It is highly arboreal, spending much of its time in trees.

10. Quokka Agama

The Quokka Agama, native to Kenya, is a colorful lizard species that thrives in rocky habitats. Males often exhibit vibrant hues during the breeding season to attract mates.

11. Quokka Alligator

The Quokka Alligator, also known as the Alligator Lizard, is a group of lizard species found in North and Central America. They are named for their long, flattened bodies, reminiscent of alligators.

12. Quokka Anole

Quokka Anoles are a group of small lizards found in the Caribbean. They are known for their ability to change color and display vibrant hues during territorial displays.

13. Quokka Basilisk

The Quokka Basilisk, commonly known as the Brown Basilisk or Jesus Christ Lizard, is a fascinating species that can run on water for short distances, escaping predators with incredible speed.

14. Quokka Blind Snake

The Quokka Blind Snake is a small, burrowing reptile found in the Americas. Despite its name, it belongs to the snake family and lacks eyes due to its subterranean lifestyle.

15. Quokka Box Turtle

The Quokka Box Turtle, native to Central America, is a land-dwelling turtle species known for its dome-like shell and distinct patterns.

16. Quokka Chameleon

The Quokka Chameleon, native to Madagascar, is a small lizard species renowned for its exceptional ability to change color, adapting to its environment and emotional state.

17. Quokka Collared Lizard

The Quokka Collared Lizard, found in the western United States, is a vibrant and active lizard species. It is named for the contrasting collared pattern around its neck.

18. Quokka Crocodile

The Quokka Crocodile, also known as the Nile Crocodile, is a large and powerful reptile found in Africa. It is one of the most formidable predators in its ecosystem.

19. Quokka Dragon Lizard

The Quokka Dragon Lizard, native to Australia, is a spiny and robust lizard species. It is well-adapted to its arid habitat and displays unique coloration.

20. Quokka Gecko

The Quokka Gecko, native to the southwestern United States, is a small and charming lizard species with adhesive toe pads, enabling it to climb various surfaces.

21. Quokka Glass Lizard

The Quokka Glass Lizard, also known as the European Glass Lizard, is a legless lizard species found in Europe. Despite its appearance, it is not a snake but belongs to the lizard family.

22. Quokka Horned Lizard

The Quokka Horned Lizard is a small and spiky species found in North and Central America. It is named for the horn-like projections on its head.

23. Quokka Iguana

The Quokka Iguana, native to Central and South America, is a group of large and herbivorous lizards. They are essential seed dispersers in their ecosystems.

24. Quokka Painted Turtle

The Quokka Painted Turtle, found in North America, is a freshwater turtle species known for its striking and colorful shell patterns.

25. Quokka Plated Iguana

The Quokka Plated Iguana, also known as the Black Ctenosaur, is a robust lizard species found in Central America. It is recognized for the large, spiny scales along its back.

26. Quokka Racerunner

The Quokka Racerunner, native to North America, is a swift and agile lizard species that can reach impressive speeds when escaping predators.

27. Quokka Skink

The Quokka Skink is a small and diverse group of lizards found in Australia. They are often observed in various habitats, from rocky outcrops to sandy areas.

28. Quokka Snapping Turtle

The Quokka Snapping Turtle, found in North America, is a large and carnivorous turtle species known for its powerful jaws and aggressive behavior.

29. Quokka Softshell Turtle

The Quokka Softshell Turtle is a group of aquatic turtles found in Asia and North America. They have soft, leathery shells adapted for a semi-aquatic lifestyle.

30. Quokka Spinytail Iguana

The Quokka Spinytail Iguana, native to Mexico, is a large and formidable lizard species. It is named for the spiny scales on its tail, which it uses for defense.

31. Quokka Tree Monitor

The Quokka Tree Monitor, also known as the Black Tree Monitor, is a stunning lizard species found in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Its prehensile tail aids in climbing trees.

32. Quokka Tuatara

The Quokka Tuatara is not a lizard but rather a unique reptile endemic to New Zealand. It is the only surviving member of the order Rhynchocephalia, dating back to the time of dinosaurs.

33. Quokka Turtle

The Quokka Turtle is a diverse group of turtles found in various regions, known for their ability to retract their head and limbs within their shell for protection.

34. Quokka Worm Lizard

The Quokka Worm Lizard, found in North and Central America, is a burrowing reptile with a worm-like appearance. Despite their legless bodies, they belong to the lizard family.

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